What is Magento?

Magento is a combined website and ecommerce platform that provides merchants with the ability to create unique shopping experiences. It includes powerful sales, inventory management and marketing tools out of the box, offering efficiency and automation for small and large business alike.

Key Features of Magento

With such a large array of features, Magento is an ideal solution for ecommerce websites of all shapes and sizes.


Magento is an easily scalable and highly flexible e-commerce platform. There are very few limitations to the Magento platform which allows any e-commerce business to grow quickly.

Widely Supported

Magento is hugely popular and globally used. Due to the platform being widely supported, features and functionality can be integrated easily such as various payment gateways, Apple Pay and much much more.

Flexible Design

There are no restrictions or limitations to the designs that can be produced with a Magento powered website. User experience and interface is vital to e-commerce stores that drive sales and Magento is the perfect solution to achieve this.


Magento is committed to delivering security updates for the platform and with a dedicated security center, patches and security updates are released frequently to ensure the platform is secure and protected.

Inventory Management

Magento has a very powerful Inventory Management system to ensure you can easily manage stock, shipping, saleable quantities, back orders and much more.

Performance Reports

Fully understand your e-commerce performance by analysing sales figures by particular products, time periods, coupon codes, and other KPI’s. Magento gives you access to this level of performance reporting and much more!

Our Custom Design process ensures the best experience for your customers.

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