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Bespoke Design for Lead Generation Websites.

Lead Generation Website Design is vital to guarantee you are consistently converting online traffic into leads, moving new clients along the sales funnel.

Your business is unique, and so are your requirements for what type of leads you want to get. Visionsharp’s Web Development team has developed a great amount of experience working with clients across all sectors of professional services.

Understanding the needs of each of our clients is a top priority. Open communication with you about your requirements is the basis of our approach to bespoke Lead Generation Website Design.

Some of the sectors we have successfully worked in include:

Ecommerce Websites
Legal Services
Recruitment Agencies
Fashion Retail
Furniture Retail
Breweries & Craft Ale Brands

Manage Your Custom Lead Gen Website.

Our team of Website Developers in Manchester has a wealth of experience in developing and designing bespoke websites with leading content management systems, so you can be sure your Lead Generation Website will be set up to generate high-quality leads for your business, and you’ll be able to manage the content in a way that suits your needs.

Visionsharp has been developing great-looking, fast websites that massively improve lead generation and sales conversions since 2014. We can offer bespoke solutions that meet your requirements, including custom Front-end UX & UI development.

Our popular options include:

Don’t let cost be a barrier to your growth.

Generate sales and leads from your new website and see a return on investment before you’ve finished paying for it.

We understand that cashflow can put the brakes on your ambitions, and appreciate that Web Design can be a costly outlay for any company.

To help make the costs of Web Design & Web Development more manageable, without sacrificing on quality, we have introduced our unique payment terms that allow you to spread the cost over 6, 9 or 12 months.

Project Budget

£ 3 k

Payment Term (months)

Pay as little as:
per month

This is not a loan or finance agreement, it is simply a method of payment offered by visionsharp to help spread the cost of your development project.

Retain Users Through The Funnel.

A Lead Generation Website is a fantastic tool to turn traffic into enquiries. From there, the journey you set out for them can make or break your chances of converting into a sale.

Visionsharp’s bespoke Lead Generation Website Design can help you keep users engaged while exploring your offers, and increase your credibility. Every touchpoint with your prospects is important, and a custom-made website can help you retain users without the effort of constantly monitoring traffic and enquiries: users are eight times more likely to convert when businesses follow up within 5 minutes, so if you’re managing your visitors with traditional communication methods, you may be losing leads every day.

Some examples of how our websites retain users and manage information are:

  •  On-Page Chatbots

Get your prospect to communicate with you 24/7 with a range of Chatbots.
From displaying FAQs to booking appointments, the automated systems we employ on our websites take care of your user engagement without the need of human assistance. Lead Magnet Chatbots can provide you with more accurate information about your prospects, and supply users with content such as guides, videos and much more. You can use all the data from Chatbots to help your sales staff make contact with the right people at the right time.

  • Automated Email Marketing Tools

Online communication is evolving quickly, but email remains one of, if not the best digital tool to reach out to potential customers. Automated and Integrated Email Marketing Tools make it simple and effortless to ensure each email touchpoint is accurate and purposeful. Use your lead data to engage with users, share valuable information and drive them down the sales funnel. Clear and compelling calls to action that capture contact information such as an email address and telephone number allow you to cost effectively reach your prospects repeatedly over time, nurturing the relationship and building trust until they are ready to buy. Systems like this turn your website into an automated and scalable sales machine.

Features & Functionality Tailored To Your Business.

Lead Generation is all about collecting information about prospects, qualifying them and, eventually, moving them further down the sales process. Your business has its own, unique needs when it comes to obtaining new leads, so tailoring your Lead Generation Website to the buying persona is crucial.

The web is saturated with services that promise to deliver accurate and qualified data, but there is simply no replacement for consensually retrieving data from your visitors yourself through forms or online registration.

Visionsharp’s specialist Lead Gen Website Design team can help you bring your vision to reality, with endless, tailored methods of lead data generation. We can integrate bespoke features into a great looking website, and make sure you reach out to the right people the right way.

Our range of Lead Generation Website Features include:

  • Enquiry Forms
  • Surveys
  • Pop Ups
  • Sign Ups
  • Quote Calculators

Our Featured Projects.

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About visionsharp.

We are a Web Design & Web Development Agency based in Manchester.

We specialise in lead generation website design and development, WordPress websites, conversion rate optimisation and custom PHP platforms.

Established in 2014, we work with clients throughout Manchester and the North West including Stockport, Warrington, Liverpool and Leeds.

No job is too big or too small and we love projects that push us and allow us to learn new things. from E-commerce solutions, to unique custom web platforms and applications, we can offer our experience, skill and passion to deliver the perfect solution for your business.

Lead Generation Website FAQs


There are several key considerations when it comes to developing a website for the purpose of generating new business enquiries.

• Who is the target audience?
• How will visitors find the website?
• How will they navigate to key information?
• What are the calls to action and how will they work?
• How will the leads be managed?
• Are integrations with other software tools required?
• How will results be measured?

A successful lead generation website is user-friendly, informative, engaging and clearly communicates the benefits of your product or service so that visitors are encouraged to take action.

There are several ways that a website can generate new leads for a business. One common approach is to use the website to collect contact information from potential customers, such as by offering a newsletter signup or a form to request more information. This allows the business to follow up with the potential customer and offer more information about their products or services. This can also be achieved with calculators or quote tools.

Another way for a website to generate leads is to offer valuable content, such as blog posts or videos, that provides information that potential customers may be interested in. This can help to establish the business as an authority in its field and can attract visitors who are looking for information on a particular topic.

Additionally, a website can generate leads by offering special deals or promotions that are only available to website visitors. This can encourage potential customers to provide their contact information in order to take advantage of the offer.

Overall, the key to generating leads through a website is to offer valuable information or incentives that encourage potential customers to provide their contact information. This allows the business to follow up with the potential customer and offer more information about their products or services.