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What is Laravel?

Laravel is an open-source web application framework that is endless in development possibilities.

It is the fastest growing development framework within the PHP development space, with a huge community of contributors constantly improving the platform and offering support.

Laravel applications allow our developers at Visionsharp to build large and unique platforms. Our team can build any type of web platform that you can think of, using Laravel as the framework to power the platform.

There is a wide range of potential applications for Laravel including order management software, booking platforms, comparison sites, internal CRM systems, online learning management systems, law firm websites, and e-commerce portals.

We have delivered dozens of projects on the Laravel framework and would be happy to talk with you about how Visionsharp and Laravel can push your next idea forward.

Why we use Laravel

As an experienced Laravel development agency, we love the framework because of its performance, features and scalability.

We have worked with other frameworks such as Yii and codeignitor but from our experience, Laravel is the best framework for bespoke web applications of any size.

Many of the repetitive tasks involved in using other frameworks are streamlined in Laravel. This makes the project more efficient and more enjoyable to work on, leaving more room for creativity and innovation, while considering time and cost.

Laravel is all about creating unique digital experiences without the limitations of out-of-the-box technologies. Tell us your challenges and we will deliver a solution that resolves those problems for you and your customers effectively.

What can Laravel be used for?

Laravel is a perfect framework for many different types of web applications and platforms. We have listed some examples below:

Bespoke CRM systems

We can develop CRM systems purpose built for your business needs, ensuring you and your staff have access to everything you need. Develop a streamlined system that connects sales, services, administration and marketing.

Subscription platforms

Our team can develop subscription platforms allowing users to sign up and pay monthly for specific services or products. Our platforms integrate with other tools including email marketing, e-commerce platforms and catalogue management software.

Booking Applications

An online automated booking platform allows business to take reservations for classes, appointments, rooms, equipment rental, tickets and more. Integrate your booking system with other tools including your calendar, CRM, email and invoicing system.

Comparison websites

Laravel would allow our team to build comparison type websites such as GoCompare or Compare the Market with complex databases, powerful filtering capabilities and a robust monetisation strategy.

API and App development

We can develop APIs and admin panel functionality for your mobile app allowing you to easily manage your app. You can also integrate your interface with existing architecture, to expand the services you offer and increase revenue channels.

Online learning platforms

We can develop advanced learning management systems for you to deploy and track educational materials, courses and assignments. An LMS with Laravel could include self-registration and login for students and teachers, automated learning journeys, reporting, and collaboration tools.

Some of our Laravel clients.