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Maximise mobile conversion rates

Magento’s Year in Review report for 2017 found that most e-commerce traffic now comes from mobile devices – 46% via smartphones and nearly 57% when tablets are also included.

But conversion rates are lower on mobile devices, at 1.2% on smartphones, 2.0% on tablets and 2.5% on desktop and laptop computers.

A mobile responsive website can help to increase conversions from mobile devices, which in the past have often suffered from difficulty navigating and displaying pages correctly.

The visionsharp design team adopt a mobile first ethos, so although all of our websites are designed to look great on desktop computers, we also make sure they look and work great on smaller screens too.

If you choose to include e-commerce capabilities in your website, this can help to boost your conversions and basket sizes. In addition, a good mobile responsive design will still help you to rank higher in the search engines, and especially on Google.

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