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How can we help?

Our contracts are monthly rolling as we believe our service should keep our clients with us and not tying them down to lengthy contracts. We suggest the type of support service required based on your website and we are extremely flexible with our packages.As a support client with visionsharp you get access to our support ticketing system to submit any requests directly to our team of developers, who will respond and react with the necessary urgency.

We value our support clients, and the long relationship we hold with them,very highly and we always ensure any urgent support requests get given the highest priority over other developments.

How does using our support team benefit you?

Making use of our support team can be a huge benefit to you and your business. Below are some of the reasons why.

Priority Support

When you are using the Visionsharp support service, you are a priority client and any issues are pushed to the front of the queue, resulting in quicker fixes / developments.

Dedicated Team

Using the support service ultimately means you have your own dedicated development and support team which can be used as you wish to keep your Ecommerce website up and running.

Security Updates

Our team of developers automatically update patches on your website to ensure security is up to date.

Access to ticketing system

A huge benefit to being on our support package is that you have access to our ticketing system. You can submit any bugs, fixes or new features that are required. Our developers pick these up directly and respond to all tickets.

Phone Call support

If you have any questions or issues, we are simply a phone call away and are more than happy to assist over the phone. It is often quicker to explain issues or new features over the phone and we are happy to assist.

Uptime management

Our team integrate third party tools to send alerts if your website goes down. We then immediately look into the issue and fix this to ensure there is minimal downtime.

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