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WooCommerce Web Development in Cheshire

As a market leader in High Protein, Low Fat Cheese and a company who want to target cheese to a younger demographic in Cheshire, Eatlean needed a development team with a creative eye.

Client Requirements.

Website Design & Development Project for Health Food Sector in Cheshire.

Eatlean Cheese wanted to focus on the user experience and user interface of the website to improve conversion rates and increase user retention. Our Conversion rate optimisation service is the perfect fit for the requirements.

Eatlean Cheese also needed a reliable team to support their WordPress online store and also move it forward with additional features and functionality.

Reliable communication and quick response times are extremely important for Eatlean Cheese and our support package is the ideal solution for this.

Our Solution.

To improve the website performance, our CRO specialist services were put to good use on the Eatlean Cheese website.

We constantly analyse user data and implement split testing based on areas of the website that we believe need improving. The split testing of the improvements allows our team to analyse the exact performance of the changes that we have implemented. Through the use of data analysis and educated changes, the Eatlean Cheese website is improving week on week.

We also provide Eatlean in Cheshire with a support package which allows the client to plan in and prioritise new developments that they feel will be most beneficial to them.

Our team put together a project pipeline to improve the website over a period of time. The developments we have completed have ranged from minor fixes to complete page redesigns that improve conversion rates. Support requests are also frequently submitted and our reactive development team assist with these developments with quick response and completion times.

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