Conversion Rate Optimisation Manchester | CRO Agency, UX & UI

Our Approach

Our team have perfected a step by step solution to increasing website performance and conversion rates. The solution has been tried and tested across multiple websites and for a wide range of sectors.


We analyse the current website performance to understand website funnels and potential causes of poor performance.


Based on the data and analysis, our team focus on the areas which aren’t performing as we would expect. We rethink and redesign these areas in a way which we believe will improve the performance of the website.

A/B Test.

Our developers use our custom built split testing methods to present the old version and the new version to visitors of the website. This allows our team to compare the versions to ensure the new version is the better solution.


We analyse all of our ideas and new features using data. This ensures we are making correct data driven decisions to improve website performance rather than going off personal preference.

Data-driven Decisions.

Before our team start to suggest changes and implement changes to any website, we built a report of the website to ensure we have a clear understanding on what areas are performing at a good level and which aren’t. We analyse the “key” areas of an E-commerce site, such as the category pages, product pages, cart and checkout. Based on the data that we extract out of analytics, we then start to build up an overall view of the website performance.

Once we have a full understanding of the website performance, we start to focus on the areas that require the most improvement and also the areas that will result in a solid increase in conversion rates to ensure a good ROI for the client. All of our changes are then data-driven and educated decisions based on the data that we have available. This ensures we aren’t making “blind” decisions and the changes that we are making are positively effecting the website performance.

After various changes, testing and reporting, the end result is a website which has much improved conversion rates resulting in higher revenue.


What is split testing?

Our development team have built a custom split testing technique to allow our designs and features to be directly compared with the current version. As an example, we may believe the website checkout page needs improving based on our data analysis. We would then re-design the checkout which we name “version B”. Once we develop version B, we then put this live for website users to see but we also keep “version A” live, which is the existing checkout. 50% of users will see “version A” and 50% of users will see “version B”. Dependant on the test, we keep the split test live for X amount of time and then we can directly compare the performance of “version A” and “version B”.

This allows our team to have a full understanding of the new version to ensure that it has improved the performance of the area that we are testing. We have tried and tested the above on various websites and the technique proves to be a great tool to increase conversion rates and website performance.

Custom built reports and analysis

All of our reports are custom built by our in-house data analysis team. We use all of the data available to us to produce reports on the new designs and features that we implement. We fully explain these to each client to ensure the client is fully aware of website performance month on month and to allow the client to really see the impact that our conversion rate optimisation service is having.

Our custom reports ensure that our team have an in-depth understanding of each website rather than using tools that auto-generate reports.