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Designing hotel websites for mobile devices

By its very nature, the hotel industry deals with a large proportion of mobile search traffic and mobile website visitors. From people in your area looking for somewhere to stay, to guests who have already booked and want to check their booking on the way.

The Visionsharp design team have considerable expertise designing completely bespoke hotel websites for mobile devices, to ensure that the page layout and content responds appropriately to a smaller screen size or resolution.

Doing this has obvious benefits in terms of making sure your website is easy to navigate for visitors from mobile devices, while prioritising the information you want them to see like your room booking page or contact details.

But it also gives a further boost to your search rankings. Google now prioritises web pages that load quickly and offer a mobile-friendly layout on smaller screens.

If you want to make sure you are not missing out on local custom and last-minute bookings from tourists who need overnight accommodation at short notice, targeting local and mobile traffic is a sensible way to go.

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