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WordPress Web Development Services

Whether it’s a brand new, bespoke WordPress Development project or ongoing web dev support for an existing WordPress site, you can trust the team at Visionsharp. If you are looking to migrate your hosting away from the current provider and want a pro-active Web support company to handle the hosting transfer and care for your future needs, we can help.

We have the perfect balance of frontend, backend, and server-side technical abilities to provide a comprehensive and future-proofed level of support to your project and business.

New Site Build projects
CRO: UX & UI Improvements
Web Support & Ticketing service
WordPress Hosting
Front & Back-end Technical Auditing
Server Configurations

WordPress Functionality for Functional Business Websites

What started out as a simple blogging platform, has grown into a fully customisable, open-source PHP platform with more integrations and plugins than any other CMS.

WordPress is now the world’s most popular content management system (CMS), with over 35% of all websites using it.

Our WordPress Developers make the most of this flexible feature rich platform for all those we work with. Our team uses their craft and deep understanding of the needs of the project to create bespoke functions, features and solutions. The priority is to engage and empower web visitors to achieve what they want, and to achieve what your business needs them to.

Scalable & Flexible

WordPress is a hugely scalable and highly flexible platform. There are very few limitations to the WordPress platform, especially when considering a custom solution, which allows any business to grow quickly. WordPress can support lead-gen or E-commerce websites beautifully, or even provide the foundation for a recruitment agency platform.

Powerful CMS

Managing a content driven website is extremely important and WordPress is the perfect solution for this. The CMS is flexible enough to provide whatever frontend solutions and back-end functionality is required due to the nature of your business.

Furthermore, WordPress is built to integrate seamlessly with an ever-increasing range of 3rd-party plugins available through the WordPress community. Meaning additional functionality can be deployed if your website needs to pivot quickly.

Custom Content Types

There are no restrictions or limitations to the designs that can be produced with a WordPress powered website. User experience and interface is vital to any website that drives leads and WordPress is the perfect solution to achieve this. Our Custom Builds often include flexible content blocks providing full control over page layouts, with drag and drop capabilities.

While depending on the needs of the project, Custom post types & taxonomies can help deliver bespoke solutions you need.

User Management

Hierarchical permissions can be easily built in. After all, not all your team may require the same levels of access to the website. Specific functions and access areas can be allocated to different users of the content management system. This allows you to get the most out of your website contributors while operating as securely as you want.

SEO friendly

WordPress has numerous features and plugins available to allow for search engine optimisation to allow your website to rank highly on search engines such as Google. WordPress as a platform is fundamentally search engine friendly, building keyword rich URL’s and offering full control of on-page SEO attributes.

We often work with clients to automate the SEO process as much as possible. This saves our clients time and money.

Application Framework

WordPress provides a whole range of features under the hood, to help provide the framework for building web applications, such as translations, databases, user-management, HTTP requests, URL routing and so much more.

While perhaps not suitable for every kind of app, its comprehensive infrastructure can be a great starting foundation on which to build up from.

Some more of our WordPress Development projects.

What Makes a Great WordPress Developer at VisionSharp?

As a leading Custom WordPress Development Company in Manchester, we recruit and retain the absolute best WordPress Developers from across the North to represent our company and to work with our clients.

Our team comprises developers with craft, skill, determination, technical quality, and attention to detail.

As we specialise in Custom WordPress Development projects, above all, our WordPress Developers are problem-solvers. We need to be able to visualise and implement robust functional solutions to online operational challenges set by the needs of our clients.

Delivering excellence in client service is something we have at our core. You’ll find our team to be naturally good people; honest, dependable professionals who can communicate well and can work with precision under pressure.

From a Technical viewpoint you’ll find our WordPress team to have:

Advanced understanding of WordPress applications.
Great experienced in PHP, MySQL, HTML, SCSS and JS development
Experience with frontend JavaScript frameworks
Solid understanding of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), including WCAG 2.0 and WCAG 2.1.
Experience with multilingual and multi-site WordPress installs
Experience with Version Control systems (Git)
Experience using build tools (Gulp, webpack, Sass)
Experience with automated deployment
Experience integrating third-party APIs
Understanding of fundamental of DNS configurations, CDNs and SSL