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Event Website Design for AI UK 2023

Client Requirements.

Our team were tasked with creating a professional and custom website for the Alan Turing Institute event – AI UK 2023.

The Alan Turing Institute wanted to focus on the user experience and user interface of the website to ensure that users were able to easily purchase tickets and also access important information in an easy to use way. The website was required to showcase the event’s agenda, speakers, and purchasing ticketing, as well as allowing online attendees to watch the event via the website.

Our custom design and WordPress development service was a perfect fit for these requirements, as our team were able to really fine tune the design and ensure that the features of the website were ideal for the needs of AI UK 2023.

With timeframes being vital due to the event having a specific date, reliable communication and quick response times are extremely important for AI UK 2023.

This case study outlines the process our team followed to create a user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing website that met all the client’s requirements.

Our Solution.

Due to specific requirements of the project, such as the ability for users to view the programme of the event and easily find information relating to each event, our team had to really focus on the user experience and interface of the website. Our solution was to custom design each page for both mobile and desktop, ensuring the experience for users was perfect on all devices.

From these designs, our development team produce a bespoke WordPress website. The website being developed in this way resulted in functionality that was very specific to the needs of AI UK 2023. This final solution is something that our team are very proud of and the team at AI UK 2023 were extremely pleased with the end result.

Live Event Streaming

Our team integrated Vimeo live streaming for each stage of the AI UK event to ensure that attendees had access to all of the content, regardless of which stage they were interested in. The live streaming was seamlessly integrated into the event website, providing attendees with a one-stop-shop for all of their event needs.

live streaming allowed attendees to engage with the event’s content in real-time, enhancing their overall experience. They could ask questions and interact with the other attendees through the live chat feature. This also provided an opportunity for attendees who were unable to attend in person to network and engage with others who were participating remotely.

In addition to the live streaming integration, our team also ensured that the live streaming was optimised for mobile devices, ensuring that attendees could easily access the content from their phones or tablets.

Overall, the integration of Vimeo live streaming on the AI UK event website was crucial for providing attendees with access to the event content, enhancing their overall experience, and increasing the event’s exposure to a wider audience.

Load Testing & Speed Optimisation.


Our development team had to build the AI UK 2023 website to handle over 10,000 users to ensure that the website was capable of handling the expected traffic during the event. It was crucial to build the website with scalability in mind, as an event website can experience sudden spikes in traffic, which can cause the website to slow down or even crash if it is not properly designed to handle the load.

To ensure that the website could handle the expected traffic, our team conducted load testing on the website. Load testing involves simulating the expected number of concurrent users accessing the website, and then measuring how the website responds under those conditions. Load testing helps identify potential bottlenecks and areas of the website that may need optimization to handle the expected traffic.

During the load testing process, our team used a variety of tools to simulate different user scenarios and load levels. We also tested the website on different devices and internet connections to ensure that the website was responsive and performed well under different conditions.

Once the load testing was complete, our team made any necessary optimizations to the website to ensure that it was capable of handling the expected traffic during the event. This included optimizing the website’s code, implementing caching and CDN (Content Delivery Network) solutions, and leveraging cloud-based hosting solutions that could easily scale up to handle traffic spikes.

In conclusion, building the AI UK 2023 website to handle over 10,000 users was essential to ensure that the website was capable of handling the expected traffic during the event. Our team conducted load testing to identify and optimize any potential bottlenecks, ensuring that the website was capable of handling the expected traffic, providing attendees with a seamless experience, and minimizing the risk of website downtime during the event.

The Project Outcome.

The result of the AI UK website was a professional and easy to use website for all users.

Our team developed programme functionality (see here) for the AI UK 2023 event website that made it easy for users to find specific sessions and the speakers associated with them. This functionality was designed with the user in mind, making it easy for them to navigate the website and find the information they needed quickly and easily.

The program functionality was organised in a clear and intuitive manner. Users were able to view the event’s agenda, which was organised by stage, day and time. Each session was given a specific time slot and had a corresponding title, and description, making it easy for users to identify the sessions that were of interest to them.

In addition to the session titles and descriptions, each session was associated with the name and photo of the speaker. Users were able to click on the speaker’s name to view their bio and learn more about their background and expertise. This allowed attendees to make informed decisions about which sessions to attend based on their interests and the speakers’ expertise.

The new website was also built with Mobile audiences in mind at all times, ensuring that users could easily navigation through the website and even use the programme functionality with ease. This was vital to the project.

The final outcome was something that everyone involve with was very proud of, ensuring that users could easily use the website and enjoy the AI UK 2023 event.

Website Load Times Under 1 Second.
Speaker profiles and relational data.
Ability to handle over 10,000 users at any one time!
Easy to use programme feature.

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