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The Mobile App Revolution

The rise of smartphones has lead to people using their phones more than ever.

Whilst mobile internet browsing is still hugely popular for discovering new information and brands, they don’t offer the same interaction and ease of access that a dedicated mobile app does.

As a brand or business, if a customer has your app, you are only ever one tap away from them, which helps you to build relationships with your audience much quicker.


Custom Design.

Millions of apps are downloaded every month and they have become one of the most popular mediums for companies to connect with, serve and increase their customer base.

What makes them so popular is the great user experience that comes with something that has been designed specifically for mobile devices, taking full advantage of the high-performance graphics and technology built in to smartphones.

Hybrid Development.

Hybrid apps use web technologies and languages to produce apps that can be instantly deployed to work on both iOS and Android devices.

The advantage of Hybrid apps over native apps, is that developing apps natively means writing completely different sets of code using different languages and frameworks for each platform, whereas Hybrid apps use popular languages and frameworks familiar to web developers and allow them to write one set of code that is then used to generate the individual codebases for each platform. This results in a much quicker development time which is beneficially both initially, and for future changes.