Personal Training Web Design & Mobile App Development | Case Study

Integrated Web Development & App Development for Fitness

Working on bespoke platforms is something we love. The opportunity to build a system that fit the specific requirements of online coaching was an exciting one. We were then later tasked with the project to develop the web platform into mobile apps.

Project Requirements.

Integrated Website and Mobile App for Personal Trainer.

Josh came to us to build him a bespoke platform for his online members. The platform needed to facility all aspects of his online coaching, including training and nutrition plans, metric data and progress uploads and an instant messaging system so that he can give personalised advice per members.
The project required members to pay a fee every month to use the platform, and also an admin system so that josh could manage all users from one place.

The Outcome.

We developed an online system using the laravel framework which met all the requirements of the brief. We integrated with Stripe’s recurring payment facility to allow users to be charged the membership fee automatically each month. We developed our own messaging system so that Josh could communicate with his clients directly and created areas for him to upload tailored nutrition and training plans.

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Mobile Apps.

With the majority of his clients being active people who are always on the move, a mobile app was the obvious progression for the platform.

A mobile app would bring a much improved user experience to his members, making all functionality of the web platform more accessible and user-friendly.

The big advantage of the app is the ability to have push notifications that alert both Josh and the user of new messages, which results in quicker responses and better communication between coach and client.

Hybrid Development.

We developed the apps using the Ionic Framework, which uses common web languages to produce mobile apps for both iOS and Android from a single code base.

We designed the app interface from scratch, to ensure the best user experience that took advantage of conventional app styling that user’s will be familiar with.

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