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We are an established and respected Web Development Company, recognised for superior full-stack Web Development Services across all major platforms, custom php websites, applications & mobile apps. We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes across the full range of B2B & B2C sectors.

We like nothing more than taking your ideas, operational needs, and functional web requirements, and creating solutions that will drive your company forward. Whatever Web Development Service you need, Visionsharp will help you realise your full online potential.

WordPress Websites

With a wealth of long-standing expertise in WordPress Web Development Services, our agency produces high quality, easy to manage websites which are purpose built for your needs.

WooCommerce Websites

We offer a full suite of WooCommerce solutions, with Web Development Services ranging from brand new website design, migration from another platform or integration into your existing WordPress website. Every aspect of it will be tailored to fit your business’s unique needs and goals.

Magento Ecommerce

Our Magento Developers bring the highest level of experience and creativity to the table. The end product is amazing e-commerce stores that drive sales.

Custom Web Development

Our company is at the forefront of custom platform development and the Laravel framework opens up endless possibilities so that your requirements can be met.

Concrete5 Websites

We are unrivalled in providing Concrete5 Web Development Services. With our dedicated developers and the powerful Concrete5 CMS, we can produce business websites with innovative front-end content management.


Maximising customer experiences using data-driven analyses and A/B testing to increase conversion rates and drive sales.

App Development

Our developers use Hybrid Technologies to produce engaging mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices.

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Don’t let cost be a barrier for your web development project.

Generate sales and leads from your new website and see a return on investment before you’ve finished paying for it.

As a small Web Development Company ourselves, we understand that cashflow can put the brakes on your ambitions to drive your business forward and appreciate that Web design can be a costly outlay for any business.

To help make the costs of Web design & Web development more manageable, we have introduced our unique payment terms that allow you to spread the cost over 6, 9 or 12 months.

Project Budget

£ 3 k

Payment Term (months)

Pay as little as:
per month

This is not a loan or finance agreement, it is simply a method of payment offered by visionsharp to help spread the cost of your development project.

Full-Stack Web Development Services

Whether you’re about to embark on a new web dev project, have aspirations about building a mobile app, or perhaps you’re looking for ongoing maintenance and support, we provide full-stack Web Development Services across the range of coding niches, and we do it all with an unrivalled commitment to client-service excellence.

Not only do we build great websites, but we also build great relationships with clients that stand the test of time.

Our range of Web Development Services includes:

New site Web development projects
Mobile app development
Bespoke web applications
Web support
Front end Usability auditing
Back-end Technical Auditing
Server Configurations
Website Hosting
Digital Marketing
Software development

Featured Projects.

Our approach to website development


At the outset of any project, we’ll arrange discovery meetings with a detailed Q & A session in order to get underneath the skin of your business. Working closely with you helps us reach a clear understanding of exactly what you and your customers want and need from the new website. We’ll also take in market-trends and review what the biggest competitors are doing. This serves to cement the understanding between us and define a clear project scope so that our Web Development Services can provide the most success for you.

Site Architecture

Another crucial step in the planning stage is to design a structure for the new website and its information architecture. Website structure is integral to creating seamless user experiences, clear navigation paths, and enabling strong conversions, it’s also a crucial element of technical SEO. We aim to make sure your site is awesome for your customers and for Google.

Specification & approval

We detail our understanding of all information gathered; your feelings toward design, Corporate ID, specification for the full functional feature-set and page template requirements, back-end admin functions, and 3rd party integrations. We will also set out our recommendations for the site structure following discussions with you. All information is provided to you in the form of written documentation. This provides the blueprint for the build itself. Approval is sought, before the design process can begin.

Visual Concept

With specification approved, the creative process begins. Our web designers begin work on establishing the look and feel of the new site starting with a wire-frame of the homepage, drawing on years of expertise in UX & UI design.
Our creative designers draw on all the information gathered in the scoping phases, as well as their flair for design and innovation, to produce jaw-dropping designs that work perfectly for your target audience and the functional assets and needs of the site. The design-process is totally consultative and again, approval on page templates is sought before we move into development.

Production & Development

With designs approved, the next phase is the development of the functioning website. If we’re building on a CMS such as Magento or WordPress, then platform installation and initial configuration go first. If we’re building in custom php, it’s likely we start on the back-end framework. All dev work takes place on a secure staging site environment. Project management is key to the development process and continually refers back to the specification scope so that we our Web Development Services can guarantee the integrity of the final solution.

Quality Assurance

Extreme rigour and review in the hands of our project management team through checks and tests of the platform, ensure web development has delivered accurately on the final scope, and that working designs completely match the concepts created during the design phase. Your website will be tested across different devices and screen sizes to ensure the responsive design is consistent for all users, and we’ll examine the page load times across the site, striving for optimal performance for users and search engine spiders alike.
Once our comprehensive review process is complete, we provide the opportunity for the client to snag the website based on the scope. We only launch a website when our clients are 100% satisfied to do so.

Post Launch, support & training

This is where you and your website administrators get to know your new website properly. This phase often starts and dovetails with the client phase of quality assurance.
We’ll provide you with thorough training on the website and its back-end admin functions, giving you the knowledge and technical know-how to go forth and multiply your return on investment. Training may well continue beyond the launch.

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Web development is the process of creating, maintaining, and designing websites and web applications. It involves a variety of skills and technologies, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, server-side scripting, and database development. Web developers are responsible for ensuring that websites are functional, secure, and accessible. They also have to ensure that websites are optimized for search engines and mobile devices. Web development requires knowledge of both front-end and back-end development, as well as an understanding of web design principles and user experience best practices. Web development can involve creating custom websites from scratch or modifying existing ones. The job of a web developer is constantly evolving as new technologies emerge and websites become more complex.

There are many different types of web development, and they can be classified according to the languages, frameworks, technologies, and platforms used, as well as the goals, functions, and audiences of the website or application. Some common types of web development include front-end development, back-end development, full-stack development, mobile development, and cloud development.

As a leading Web Development Agency in Manchester, Visionsharp are capable of building websites of virtually any kind, on any platform and in any coding language.

We have worked across a wide range of business sectors, with particular expertise is:

• Law firm websites
• Recruitment websites
• eCommerce websites
• Hotel websites
• Restaurant and bar websites
• Lead generation websites

We are here to help your business succeed no matter what stage you are at and no matter what unique solutions you need.