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Magento Web Design Services.

Magento is one of the most flexible e-commerce platforms on the market, with the ability to control and customise the aesthetic and technical aspects of online stores.

We work with companies at all stages of the business cycle. So whether you are starting from scratch, re-designing a current website, migrating from a different platform, or looking for a custom solution to a unique problem, our Magento Web Development Agency can help.

Developing Magento 2 so that its out of the box features align perfectly with the unique aspects of your business may involve a combination of the following:

Improved security, reliability, and scalability
An optimised checkout process
Customised layout and design
Third party integrations
Faster product import/export
Redesigned user interface

Custom Magento Website Design

Your business is unique, and your website should be too.

Our Magento websites are carefully scoped out through a collaborative process involving our Magento developers and you, the client. The result is a clean, one-off product that works exactly how you wanted.

We place great emphasis on client involvement at all stages of the scoping process. We work closely with our clients to agree on an exact specification of the website’s form, functions, and structure. Only by doing this, can anyone guarantee the finished product will perfectly match the needs and objectives of your business.

Our team of Magento Developers brings innovation and determination to every project we are involved in, ensuring we deliver outstanding websites that drive sales and leads.

Choosing Visionsharp for a custom Magento website project guarantees you a highly flexible eCommerce solution with no limitations. Talk to our Magento Development Team in Manchester today.

What Are the Benefits of Magento 2 For Your Business?

Magento 2 is an open source, combined website and ecommerce platform that provides merchants with the ability to create unique shopping experiences. Magento stores include powerful sales, inventory management and marketing tools out of the box, offering efficiency and automation for small and large businesses alike.


Boost conversion rates with personalised shopping experiences by displaying content, promotions and pricing to customers based on their location, order history and browsing history.

Flexibility and Customisation

Magento includes powerful ecommerce features and functionality out of the box, but there is no such thing as a one size fits all solution. That’s why Magento has been designed with flexibility in mind. Whatever you are trying to achieve, Magento can deliver.

Inventory Management

Create simple, configurable, bundled and grouped products with unlimited attributes. Easily manage inventory with stock level notifications and batch import/export your catalogue. Define minimum and maximum order quantities, integrate with Facebook ads and stores, moderate reviews and much more.

Sales Optimisation

Optimise the conversion rate of your ecommerce store with a configurable shopping cart and checkout flow. Increase average order values with up-sells, cross-sells, related products, segmentation, and targeted promotions.


Magento is an easily scalable and highly flexible e-commerce platform. There are very few limitations to the Magento platform which allows any e-commerce business to grow quickly.


Magento is committed to delivering security updates for the platform. With a dedicated security centre, patches and security updates are released frequently to ensure the platform is secure and protected.

Some more of our Magento 2 Projects.

What Makes a Great Magento Developer at Visionsharp?

As a leading Magento Web Design Agency in Manchester, we recruit and retain the absolute best Magento developers to represent our company and to work with our clients.

Delivering excellence in client service is something we have at our core. You’ll find our Magento development agency to be made of honest, dependable professionals who can communicate well and can work with precision under pressure.

From a technical perspective you’ll find our Magento Web Development Agency to have:

Advanced understanding of PHP and MySQL
Mastery of hand coded HTML 5, CSS 3 and JavaScript adhering to W3C coding standards
A commercial knowledge of JS Frameworks such as React and Angular
Experience with customising the checkout experience
Experience with integrating third party software and APIs
Payment gateway and fraud prevention experience
Experience with GIT version control

A Magento Web Development Agency can help your business by providing a robust and flexible Magento website for your online business. It offers a wide range of features including product management, order management, customer management, and analytics.

Additionally, it has a large community of developers who can create custom extensions and plugins to enhance the functionality of your store. This can help increase sales and revenue, improve customer experience, and streamline your business operations. Get in touch with the Visionsharp team today, and find out how a new Magento 2 online shop can improve your business.

Adobe has incorporated the Magento platform into their Adobe Commerce software. This means users can benefit from the functionalities of Magento within their Adobe Suite, and receive Adobe support for the product.

However, the acquisition meant the introduction of a licence fee for Adobe Commerce. While this has been accompanied by the implementation of new features into the paid version, the open source of Magento is still available, and, with the support of an experienced Magento Web Development Agency like Visionsharp, you will be able to customise and grow your online shop as your business grows.

Contact us today to discuss which option is best for your business.