Fabric Retailer Web Design Rossendale | Case Study

Web Development & Web Design for Textile Retailer in Rossendale

Musbury Fabrics are a well established brand and retailer of textiles and this website build was commissioned as part of a complete overhaul of inventory management and sales channels.

Project Requirements.

Website Design Project for Fabrics & Soft Furnishings Retailer in Rossendale.

Musbury came to us as they had a site built with Magento 1 that wasn’t fit for purpose and was outdated.

The project required us to migrate all orders and customers from the Magento 1 website to the new Magento 2 website and also integrate an import tool that allowed products to be imported and mapped from a centralised inventory management system.

With lots of products coming in a variety of colours and sizes, the filtering and navigation needed to be well thought out and tested.


The end result of this project was a huge success. The design phase of the project allowed us time to perfect the navigation and styling to ensure the user journey was as easy and enjoyable as possible. After research into the industry we decided to go for a mega menu tile style to handle all the categories and sub-categories, which allows a lot of items to be visible in a way that isn’t just a standard drop-down list and makes use of the nice imagery that Musbury have for their products.

A priority in the development phase was to ensure that the attributes and configurable products were all assigned correctly and could be filtered accurately on category and search pages, as this was a big issue with the previous site.

As a supplier to a lot of wholesale customers in Rossendale and across the UK, Musbury needed a simple way for customers to add items to their basket from a product code search and add large quantities quickly. You can find out more information on how we achieved this below.

The website was designed for all device types and developed using responsive coding techniques that ensure that the website performs to the highest level on all screen sizes.

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Importing Products.

We enhanced the core Magento 2 functionality with an Improved Import & Export tool, which was a key addition to the success of this project.

The tool allows columns in a csv to be mapped to any product attribute, so that inventory data taken from any other management can be imported correctly into Magento2.

The feature that sets this extension apart from the rest, is how it handles the creation of configurable products based on numerous attributes. This was important to Musbury Fabrics as the majority of their products have a parent product which holds the product name, images and general description and isn’t purchasable in itself, but then has variations based on size and/or colour that are the purchasable options, each with their own images and prices.


Shop by Product Code

Musbury needed a way for their wholesale customers to quickly add a large number of products to their basket by using product codes from Musbury’s print material and catalogue’s.

We developed a custom solution using Magento’s powerful API to search the inventory by product code, choose the variation, select the quantity and add it to the basket.

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