Wordpress Web Design Runcorn | Arvia Case Study by Visionsharp

Web Development for Industrial Sector in Runcorn

Formed locally in Runcorn by a team of experts from the University of Manchester, it was a privilege for us to help Arvia to showcase their eco-friendly, wastewater treatment technology to their global market.

With vast use cases and effectiveness with treating a multitude of pollutants, it was important for the new website to showcase all aspects of the business.

Project Requirements.

Website Design and Development Project for Water Treatment Technology Company in Runcorn.

Arvia came to us with the task of improving their existing website from both a front-end visual, and an SEO/performance point of view.

They were having issues with page speed and Google page scores, which were having a negative impact on organic rankings and user experience.

They required a solution that allowed them to have more choice in the way that they presented content, to give more variety to pages and more appropriate layouts for presenting key pieces of data.


As a website that needed a lot of pages and a wide variety of content layout options, a Custom WordPress website was the ideal solution.

At visionsharp we design all of our websites from a blank page, and make use of Advanced Custom Fields and Flexible Content to develop all the blocks necessary to create the final pages.

Using the wordpress CMS in this way means that Arvia have full flexibility over their content and can modify or create new pages easily with the pre-styled blocks that have been developed exclusive for their brand and content needs.

Arvia use a lot of videos to give more detail about some of their more complex processes. So we made use of Amazon Web Services and their CloudFront Content Delivery Network, to allow them to have auto-playing HTML5 video on their pages that work on all devices and don’t have any negative affect page load speeds.

We integrated the contact forms with their CRM software, Goldvision, to allow them to easily manage new website leads, and ensure all enquiries are handled appropriately by the Runcorn team.

Page Speed Improvements.

With slow Page Speeds being one of the key reasons that Arvia wanted to develop a new website.

It was great to achieve Page Load Speeds of under 1 Second for the new website.

Proving that if developed correctly, despite having HD videos auto-playing and high quality images on the website, WordPress is a viable solution for any content-based website.


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