Magento Web Development & Web Design in Bristol | Case Study

Web Design & Web Development with Magento Bristol

The challenge of marrying the simple content management of WordPress with the complex ecommerce functionality of Magento was something that we couldn’t wait to explore.

Project Requirements.

Magento & WordPress Website Development Project for Artificial Grass Supplier in Bristol.

Great Grass had a complex product inventory that was currently set up in Magento. They used Magento to manage all customer information and orders, both online and offline.

Their products work on a sizing price matrix, as each type of grass can be bought in a variety of width and lengths.

For this reason it didn’t seem necessary to redevelop the Magento side of the website. But they wanted a new website that had a fresh look and put more importance on the installation side of the business which they have had great residential and commercial success with.

As it was moving away from a standard ecommerce website that was solely focused on online purchases, to a primarily lead generation website, it needed a lot of content pages to showcase and advertise their installation service.

Great Grass also wanted the ability to generate landing pages quickly and easily for different advertising campaigns, as well as update their portfolio regularly. For these reasons it made sense for WordPress to be the engine behind the majority of the site and Magento to just power the ecommerce side, making use of Magento’s API to pull the products through to WordPress homepage.


The result was a successful coupling of 2 of the internet’s most used platforms, taking the strengths of each to form a website that had great content management abilities as well as high performance ecommerce functionality.

Great Grass’ existing pricing matrix and order processes were maintained and untouched in the back-end, but the front-end had been completely redesigned and redeveloped to focus more on lead generation for installation service, as well as supply only purchases.

We felt it was important to showcase the professionalism of their well-presented staff and the workmanship of their grass installations in a video that played at the top of the website so that it is seen by users as soon as they land on the website.

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