Tobacconist and Spirits E-commerce Web Development Case Study

Client Requirements.

eCommerce Website Design & Development Project for Tobacconist and Spirits Merchant

Aston’s have a long standing reputation from their physical shop in Manchester City Centre, but their aging eCommerce was slow and unable to provide the customer journey that their customers would expect.

When they approached us, their existing website was built on the OpenCart eCommerce Platform, which was not only restrictive from a content management point of view, but was not kept up to date and had began to regularly fail and have long spells of downtime.

Aston’s needed a fast, easy-to-use, stable and modern website to attract new customers and satisfy the needs of their long-standing customer base.

A main requirement for the new website was the need to import over 3000 products, variations and images that all of  product data were transferred over to the new website so that the transition to the new website was as seamless as possible.

Our Solution.

To meet all the requirements for this project, we chose WordPress with WooCommerce as it allows easy content management and all of the eCommerce functionality that the client required.

We started this project by visiting Aston’s retail shop to get a deeper understanding of their business, services, products and branding. This allowed us to understand the look and feel that the site needed to have to create cohesion across the physical and online stores. We then used this knowledge throughout the design phase for both desktop and mobile.

Designing and developing a simple way to navigate their multi-level category structure was a major aspect of the project, as we needed to ensure customers could find what they were looking for in as few click as possible whilst also not overwhelming then visually with too many navigation items at once.

Migrating over 3000 products from the existing website involved a collaborative between and visionsharp and Aston’s in order for them to ensure that all the product data and category structure was as they wanted it, and then we could prepare the data for import by mapping all of the information from the old Opencart structure, to the new WooCommerce structure.

This process successfully imported all product data, including images, categories, stock levels and variable product options.

The result of this redesign, redevelopment and product migration was a new, modern and fast website, built specifically with Aston’s brand, reputation and customers in mind, with a heavy consideration for user journey and improved mobile usability.

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