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As the finance provider for over 300 clinics across the UK, we were excited to be tasked with the redesign and redevelopment of the Pretty Face Finance platform.

Project Requirements.

Custom PHP, Laravel Development Project for Financial Services in Bolton.

Pretty Face Finance was originally developed on WordPress, which was not the correct choice for the website and restricted them from moving the site forward.

They wanted a new website built bespoke to their needs so that they could have the all functionality that they need to fully service their users.

The new website needed to allow clinics to sign up and complete their profile themselves, add their own services, price lists, logo and contact information. All of which were actions that previously the admin had to do, which caused a lot of work when clinics wanted to updated prices and services frequently.

PFF use PayL8r as their finance provider, so the website needed to integrate with them and allow users to fill in finance applications and get instant approval/decline decisions.


As with most of our custom developments, we chose Laravel as the PHP framework to build the website for the Bolton-based business.

The design phase on this project ensured the branding and target demographic were prioritised on the new website and also that the user experience on mobile had been well thought out.

The development involved creating different levels of user accounts and access; from general users applying for finance, clinics who can add their products and services, to a super admin who can edit all clinics and see all customers and orders.

Integrating with PayL8r involved communicating with their API to send customer basket totals and receive responses on finance applications. This would then communicate with clinics to let them know that a customer has been approved for finance so that they can arrange for the procedure to be completed.

Functionality such as location and radius search and creating products with variations all had to be developed from scratch.

The end result was a relaunched website that PFF could be proud of, with visuals that appealed to their target audience and user experience that had been built for purpose to ensure the customer journey was as simple and enjoyable as possible.

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