Why do I need to upgrade?

From June 2020, support and updates for all version of Magento 1 will stop, which means that your store will no longer receive vital code fixes and security patches that ensure your store is a safe and enjoyable place for your customers to shop. Extension developers and payment gateways will also stop supporting magento 1 stores and have already started to move all their focus onto their Magento 2 integrations

Can I keep all my products, orders and customer data?

Magento have made the process of keeping all your data somple. Magento have incorporated a data migration tool into Magento 2 which ensures thta all your products, orders and customer information is not lost during the upgrade process. This then allows the developers to work with your data and products during the redevelopment.

What is the process of upgrading?


The process of upgrading is not as simple as running an update or pressing a button. Magento 2 is built on a completely different database and coding structure, so is a process that needs experienced developers to recreate your store from the ground up. The process includes completely redeveloping your webstore’s theme and styles from scratch. For this reason, we see this as the best time to also look at redesigning your webstore, as the cost difference is fairly minimal.

We develop your new magento 2 store in office on our local machines and test servers and your magento 1 webstore remains live and active until the day we launch. On the day of the relaunch, we will take your magento 1 down to ensure no new orders are taken while we transfer all the data over to the magento 2 site. The magento 2 site will then be put on the live server but hidden from the public while we make any final configurations in the admin panel that are needed and complete some final checks.

Once we are happy that all data has been carried across and all functionality is working, we open the site up to the public and your customers can begin shopping on your new site.

What Are The Benefits Of Magento 2 For Your Business?

Magento 2 offers a suite of new features that enhance the customer experience and provide merchants with greater insight into their online business. Alongside the new features come a host of fixes and enhancements to the core features too.

Support for Global Sites

Magento 2 offers a number of powerful time options to enable greater efficiency and scalability of global sites including the ability to manage multiple country sites all from the same store, support multiple currencies, multiple languages and calculate local tax rates.

Instant Purchase Checkout

One-click checkout enables customers to use previously stored payment and shipping details to bypass the usual checkout steps and purchase directly from product pages. This feature is designed to improve conversion rates and increase sales from returning customers.

Improved Security

New levels of security are achieved with numerous revamps and upgrades to the core functionality providing additional chargeback protection and fraud detections.

Custom Catalogues

With Magento 2, merchants are now able to control prices, products, and categories displayed to business partners.

B2B Functionality

A range of new B2B features have been introduced in Magento 2 including quote management, custom catalogues, flexible multi-user account roles and payment on account options.

Advanced Reporting

Magento makes it easy for businesses to access the key data required to not only compete online, but also make strategic decisions and respond to fluctuations intelligently.

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