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Web Development

Code. Create. Complete.

Coding is our passion and we don't cut any corners. We code all of our websites from scratch, using techniques which we have developed over time. A highly functional website is vital and just as important as a well designed website.

The quality of the website build and the success of a website build work in correlation. We turn the custom created design into a working website, coded from scratch. The importance of custom coding cannot be regarded highly enough at VisionSharp. We don't believe in using "pre-made" templates, we believe in unique, well thought out and time dedicated website coding. With this in mind, we only offer bespoke, custom websites to our clients. We see extremely high value in custom coding a clients website , which includes:

  • Highly functional website
  • Quick load speeds, which is vital for all websites
  • Fully mobile and device responsive
  • Robust coding ensuring a higher level of security
  • Reduces risks of hacking
  • Bug free and error free code

We specialise in E-commerce web development, custom platform web development and content management websites.

Our Process.

Understand and project planning.
Before any development and coding begins, we ensure we fully understand the project. As a team we analyse the project scope and the website designs. Once the project scope and website designs have been fully analysed as a team, we create a project gannt chart to outline the development flow and process. This ensures there is a clear plan of action and all team members are fully informed on the project requirements.

With the project fully understood and planned, the coding and development of the website begins. As a team we work towards to the set project plan to ensure deadlines are met. Clients are updated frequently and the website is demonstrated as a finished product ready for feedback.

Time is dedicated to testing the website. This is vital to ensure no bugs and errors exist throughout the website. This ensures that the website is perfect ready for launch.

The website has now been fully developed and tested. The launch phase is fully managed by the visionsharp team.

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