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Go local with mobile-friendly fashion websites

In 2017, Magento reported more visits to Magento-powered ecommerce sites from mobile devices than from desktop computers – 46% from smartphone-like handsets and a further 10.7% from tablets, compared with 43.3% from traditional desktop and laptop computers.

While computers still account for the largest proportion of revenues, this is a sign that online fashion retail websites could do more to cater to people shopping from their phone or tablet.

Mobile responsive websites do exactly that, by resizing elements on the page and rearranging them to suit smaller displays, as well as ensuring navigation buttons and links are big enough to tap with a fingertip.

This all contributes towards improved user experience and can encourage visitors to your website to convert into paying customers via a mobile-friendly ecommerce store.

It can also help to boost your search rankings. Google in particular prioritise mobile-friendly websites, based on factors like the page layout and loading speed, and a mobile-optimised ecommerce site should help you to rank higher in the relevant search results.

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