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Why we use Laravel

Laravel is one of the most popular PHP web development frameworks around. Because of its versatility and scalability , Laravel is a our preferred development framework for web applications. Our team love Laravel because of its performance, features and scalability.

We have worked with other frameworks such as Yii and codeignitor but from our experience, Laravel is the best framework to built custom, complex web applications. No matter the project and developments that our our team is working on, Laravel allows our team to built bespoke features for big or small projects.

Use Cases

Laravel is a perfect framework for many different types of web applications and platforms. We have listed some examples below:

  • Bespoke CRM systems: We can develop CRM systems purpose built for your business needs
  • Subscription platforms: Our team can develop subscription platforms allowing users to sign up and pay monthly for specific services / products.
  • Booking Applications: It is possible to build booking platforms for ticketing and events.
  • Comparison websites: Laravel would allow our team to build comparison type websites such as gocompare or compare the market.
  • API and app development: We can develop APIs and admin panel functionality for your mobile app allowing you to easy manage your app.

Of course, the list of Laravel use cases is endless due to the versatility of the framework. In fact, our team of Laravel developers can create custom-built websites or web applications to your every specific need, no matter how complex.