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We are VisionSharp! A Manchester based Creative Agency!

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What we do

We are a Manchester based creative agency. Web design, web development, branding and much more!


We have the creative edge in all types of design, from web design to logo design to brochure designs. With a mix of experience and creativity we come up with the perfect designs for the clients needs.


we really do class ourselves as masters in web and app development. We have skills in many areas such as; Custom bespoke websites / apps, WordPress websites, HTML5 & CSS3, Javascript, Jquery and much more. We advise you on the most suited software, platform and languages to take advantage of. We do the hard work whilst you sit back and see your website and app come to life!


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We simply love designing and developing E-commerce websites. An E-commerce website is the life and soul of any online retail business and we design the perfect site for the clients needs. Branding consistency, ease of use and much more are always considered.


Marketing is essential to many online businesses, we take the stress away from getting your site recognised, pulling in web visitors and traffic and much more. Boosting your site visibility can be a tough task, we take away the stress of this and ensure you site performs as you require!


Apps are growing in popularity week by week. We can build any app from a social media app to a gaming app. If you feel you have great new idea come to us and we can bring your idea to life!


We feel it is always a good idea to tell people how VisionSharp was formed and how we have become what we are today.

VisionSharp was formed by two university graduates, Adam Johnson and Jon Irvine. Adam and Jon have been friends from a very early age and decided to go into business together. With great knowledge in the web design and development area they decided to create a web development agency.

Since VisionSharp was formed it has grown from strength to strength, working with some very large clients, building some really great and unique websites. As a team we are now looking to expand further, we love getting involved in unique projects, no matter how small or big we love to help all of our clients.

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