Making changes to user experience or user interface on any website is a key aspect to improving website performance, but the first question that should be asked is: how is the website currently performing?

It is vital to understand the current performance of the website before any budget or time is dedicated to making website changes.

Why understanding website performance is so important.

When optimising the performance of a website, an initial performance report should be created as strict rule. This is a rule our CRO team stick to and it has proven to be a successful starting point. Creating the initial report allows the business to understand the website performance which in turn has many benefits, including:

- Key stats and data can be understood immediately

The key stats relating to the website can be interpreted and understood very quickly. This could include things such as monthly website visitors, total amount of sales per month, bounce rate, exit rates and, most importantly, the conversion rate of the website. The conversion rate is the key factor to the current website performance as generating sales or leads is the main goal for any website.

- Gives a full understanding of current marketing campaigns and user acquisition.

The data collated from the report gives the opportunity for the business to understand the current marketing channels and campaigns that are active. Further to this, user acquisition and the performance of each channel can then be understood. Understanding this data gives an insight into which channels and campaigns need improvement and which are currently proving to be successful.

- Break down areas that do need improvement and areas which are performing well via the use of funnels.

A great way to make use of the data is via funnels. This data will provide key analysis into which areas needs improvement and the potential revenue increase that these improvements could result in. Understanding the areas needed for improvement is vital to ensure time and budget is being dedicated to the correct areas of the website.

- Gives the ability to set targets going forward

Understanding the key stats as mentioned above allows the business to set realistic targets for the future. These targets can then be worked towards using conversion rate optimisation techniques.

To achieve the above, data tracking and the ability to analyse the data is required. If you need assistance setting up data tracking and analysing the data, contact us below.

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