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Mobile App Development.

Mobile app development is something we at visionsharp really enjoy. We get a lot of enjoyment from using our skills to create unique and creative apps.

The huge increase in mobile usage has resulted in the need for mobiles apps within many businesses, from E-commerce mobile apps, to very specific and unique mobile apps such as social networking and bookings apps. We love helping a client turn their idea into a digital reality with a beautiful and innovative mobile app. We specialise in both natively built Android and iOS apps. This means that we develop the apps from scratch rather than using pre-builders, ensuring that the app speed is very high, the app functionality is rich and the user experience is at it's best.

Our Process.

Project analysis .
Our first part of the process is to really gauge an understanding of the app requirements. This often involves our team coming up with ideas and suggestions for the client. Client and team communication is a must at this stage. There is only so much a mobile device can do and some ideas, whilst being revolutionary, are often restricted by the hardware of the devices. But if an idea is technically possible, you can guarantee we will find a way to make it happen.

Understand and project planning.
Before any development and coding begins, we ensure we fully understand the project. As a team we analyse the project scope. Once the project scope and project analysis have been studied as a team, we create a project gantt chart to outline the design and development flow. This ensures there is a clear plan of action and all team members are fully informed on the project requirements.

Development is the next step. Our developers now begin custom coding the app following the project brief and gantt chart tightly. All features and functionality is fully developed ensuring user experience is at it's best. With these being followed, deadlines are met which is an important aspect of the project.

Time is dedicated to testing the website. This is vital to ensure no bugs and errors exist throughout the website. This ensures that the website is perfect ready for launch.

Submission to the app stores and Launch.
The app has now been fully developed and tested. The submission to the app stores and launch phase is fully managed by the VisionSharp team.

Our Work

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