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Take A Look At Our Redesign Of BeGlam!

We know that this may make us sound a little big-headed, but we really do mean it when we say that VisionSharp provide the best web design throughout Manchester and the surrounding areas. Through our extensive industry knowledge and unrivalled design skills, we are able to provide businesses with the website of their dreams, no matter what kind of industry they work in.

The unbelievably high standards we set ourselves were on full display during our recent work with BeGlam, as we were brought in to completely redesign their website and to ultimately improve their user experience. BeGlam are a hair and makeup app, which allows users to book in for beauty treatments through their mobile and makes the entire booking process as simple as possible. The app includes treatments for everything from hair and nails to tanning and facials, so you should certainly take the time check it out!

As the whole idea behind the BeGlam app is to make booking in for treatments much more convenient and efficient, it’s only natural that they should also have a website that fits in with that philosophy. This means that one of our main aims with the BeGlam project was to improve the website’s interface and to provide an enjoyable user experience, as we believe that this will mirror the functionality of the makeup app itself.

The previous website just wasn’t there in a professional sense, in that it just didn’t seem to look or function as well as a user would expect. So, our VisionSharp experts took a lot of time in the design phase of this project, as we wanted to implement the necessary improvements so as to maximise the user experience and to ensure that the website looked incredibly professional.

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On top of improving the functionality and appearance of the site, we were also able to implement some brand new features- such as the introduction of a bridal package- which allowed us to really emphasise exactly what the BeGlam service has to offer. We thoroughly believe that our hard work has paid off and that BeGlam have become yet another client to be left with an incredible new website.

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But there’s no need to take our word for it, go and see for yourself at beglam.co.uk! Our recent work shows exactly why we provide the best web development Manchester has to offer!


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