Our Approach to Web Design | Web designers Manchester | Visionsharp

Our Approach

Our team takes your ideas and objectives, with a deep understanding of your business and your customers, to create a website that aligns with your brand, appeals to your demographic, and achieves your goals.


Before we start anything we make sure that we fully understand your brand and what you are trying to achieve from the new website.

We look at the competition in your market and consider the target audience to find the best way to make your brand stand out and make your website convert as effectively as possible.


We then open up photoshop and make a start on the homepage of the site. We start with the homepage as this is where the foundations of styles, fonts, colours and personality come from.

56% of all consumer traffic to websites is from mobile devices. Which is why we make sure that all websites have a dedicated mobile design process and ensure the same high levels of user experience across all devices.


We place the designs in online software that allows us to add basic usability to the pages, such as making buttons and navigation links clickable and navigate to other page designs.

It helps it to look and feel similar to a live website with other features such as sticky navigation bars and sub-navigation menus on hover. It also helps to understand things like scaling, proportions and page fold heights.

Final Sign Off.

A final sign-off is required as a confirmation that the client is 100% happy with the designs and styling of all the elements within the page templates.

Only once we have been given the final sign-off confirmation will we move the designs into development.