This week sees the release of the highly anticipated “The Founder”, a film starring Michael Keaton which depicts the true story of Ray Kroc and his hand in the eventual rise of the McDonald’s brand. From the invention of the Big Mac to the creation of those infamous Golden Arches, the film promises to give us all a little insight into how McDonald’s became the worldwide phenomenon it still is today.

It’s undeniable that McDonald’s has one of the most recognisable brand images in the world, and that this has certainly helped keep them at the top of the food chain for such a long time. The real question is: why has their branding been so effective over the years? Well, we’re here at VisionSharp to run you through what makes the McDonald’s brand so powerful.

Target Audience

The first thing that McDonald’s have always gotten right with their branding is managing to appeal to their target audience. With the creation of Happy Meals and the iconic figure of Ronald McDonald, it’s been clear for decades that McDonald’s has been marketed towards children- and it’s fair to say that it’s worked. As the years have gone by, McDonald’s have introduced new products and advertising campaigns to appeal to a wider audience, without compromising their existing customer base. In short, McDonald’s can now appeal to people of all ages and backgrounds.


It’s no secret that you can go and grab yourself a McDonald’s on seemingly every country on the planet. The fast food chain, for example, is just as popular in Japan as it is in the UK, and McDonald’s customer reach looks to be without limits. In order for a business to succeed in multiple countries, the brand needs to be instantly recognisable and yet flexible enough to appeal to different cultures. McDonald’s has gotten its marketing and branding campaigns right across the globe, which has only served to make the brand even stronger.


Perhaps the biggest reason McDonald’s is such a popular brand is due to its sheer simplicity. The Golden Arches and red background are instantly recognisable, whilst many of its advertising campaigns have been catchy and family-friendly. Over the years, McDonald’s have created a certain reputation for themselves, and people like to eat there because their branding is a lot like their menu- simple and easy.

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