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Why Websites Need To Be Easy To Use

We’ve all been there.

Each and every one of us has found ourselves in the position of browsing the internet for a certain product or service, only to end up on a website that’s just too complicated for us to navigate properly. This site might offer exactly what we’re looking for, but the unprofessional appearance or complex layout will deter the vast majority of users from exploring much further than the home page.

Ultimately, this means that your business could be missing out on a large portion of the online market, as users will inevitably end up converting on a competitors page instead. Here at VisionSharp, we are big believers in the importance of creating a simple, easy-to-use website for your business. In fact, we believe in it so strongly we thought we’d run you through why it’s so important.

- Conversion Rate

At the end of the day, the most important statistic for your website is the conversion rate. After all, this is obviously where you’re going to make the money and achieve ROI, and so what your website’s primary purpose is to convince users to create a conversion of some kind. With a simple layout and a clear path to conversion, you’re making it much easier for people to negotiate their way through the process and therefore providing a more enjoyable experience. An effective website will guide users to exactly where you want them to go with minimal fuss.

- Exploration

You might spend a fortune on having a brand new website developed, but what’s the point when the majority of users aren’t seeing anything past the home page? If your website is easy to navigate, as well as appealing in a visual sense, then users will actually enjoy exploring the different pages and having a look at what your business has to offer. Not only will this improve your bounce rate, it will also allow people to get to grips with what they can really get out of your website, which could ultimately lead to a better conversion rate.

- The Age of Mobile

It’s no secret that the majority of internet users now log onto websites via a mobile device, and it’s much more difficult to navigate through an overly-complicated site on a smaller screen. If your site is looking cluttered and, quite simply, isn’t mobile friendly, then you’re essentially alienating the largest portion of customers on the internet. However, a responsive website with clear menus and a path to conversion provides the recipe for success on mobile devices- which is absolutely essential if you want a strong online presence.

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