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Why VisionSharp work with Magento

Firstly, we love designing and developing E-commerce websites. Through our experience of using many different platforms we have formed a strong liking for Magento as an E-commerce platform. We have decided to raise the main benefits of using Magento for your E-commerce website.

Magento has tons of great E-commerce features and functionality. It is a dedicated E-commerce platform and covers nearly everything you could need and want when running an E-commerce website. The main features are:

  • Manage all products, including adding new products, deleting products and editing current products. You can manage stock, images, content, pricing and much more.
  • View all orders as they come through. You can view all the data you would ever need including daily reports, weekly and monthly. You can then dig deeper and view the customer information which is vital to any E-commerce website.
  • The ability to create coupons for offers on individual products, categories, the whole shopping basket and much more. For example, you could add 10% off all products in the shopping cart if the total is greater than X (I.E £100)
  • Reporting is a great feature. You can export data in regards to sales, customers, products and so forth. A great asset to any E-commerce site.

How we develop E-commerce websites

Without being too technical, we make use of the Magento platform to develop our E-commerce websites. Our process is as follows:


1. Design phase: A vital aspect to the process of E-commerce web development. The design is the fore-front of your business and it needs to fit the purpose. With our UX and UI experts, we ensure the design is perfect for your E-commerce business needs.

2. Development phase: We then convert the unique design into a fully working Magento theme. With our great experience in Magento development, we develop the themes to be coded in a robust, scalable manner. This ensures no later issues arise such as adding new features is never an issue.

3. Testing phase: Always very important as the last thing any client would want are issues when a site is live. We perform vigoruous testing to ensure the E-Commerce site is bug and error free.

4. The launch phase: We then launch the site for the client. This can be a daunting task for any client but we like to do this as part of the package. We also offer hosting if required.

5. Support: we offer E-commerce support contracts to ensure you are never left alone. We are hear to help and ensure your website is always live.


Want to see how we can help you? Get in touch.