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Why One-Page Websites Are Finally Dead

Make no mistake, the implementation of a one-page website comes with its fair share of advantages, and there’s no need for you to jump straight into panic mode and decide that your business is going to fold. At least, not quite yet.

2018 is all about creating a positive User Experience, and in some instances offering a one-page website will prove incredibly convenient for anyone that clicks onto your website. This level of simplicity and ease of use (not to mention how slick this can look on mobile), is undoubtedly what inspires many business owners to opt for a one-page design in the first place.

But you can’t ignore the fact that the pros don’t come close to outweighing the cons, and it’s never been clearer that you need to change things up at last.

Lack of Flexibility

Say that you’re a small, growing business. You keep on introducing new products and services as part of that growth, and you’re obviously keen to shout about them on your website. How do you expect to do that with the limited space and flexibility inherent with a one-page design?

Unless you want to keep users scrolling until their thumbs finally fall off, a one-page design will prove incredibly restrictive to your business. Due to the lack of a menu tab and, you know, other pages, there’s simply no convenient way for you to expand what your business offers or to add much content to the site.

In fact, we’d go as far as to say that this level of rigidity will undoubtedly hamper your conversion rates, as users struggle to find the relevant content and end up trying one of your competitors instead.

Impatience for the Nation

It’s no secret that web users are growing more impatient by the day. As soon as someone spends approximately more than 3 seconds staring at that annoying buffering wheel, they’re ready to grab their laptop with both hands, give it a tight squeeze and promptly throw it out the window. Now that mobile usage is so high, these high levels of impatience have been exacerbated even further.

So we aren’t going to insult your intelligence by pointing out all of the negative effects of your website having a slow loading speed, but we will take a moment to tell you that a one-page website is bound to be slower than a snail with a hangover. This is one of the biggest reasons these designs are finally dying out, because users just don’t have the patience to wait anymore.

Your SEO Will Suffer

You could be well within your right to feel as though your users will very much enjoy your one-page website, but this is completely irrelevant if they just aren’t able to find it. If you aren’t ranking well for your most relevant keywords, then your web traffic and conversion rates will undoubtedly suffer, and a one-page site just can’t be optimised as effectively as other websites.

Because you’ve only got one page to display your products and services, you’re severely hampering the potential of optimising your content for SEO. Quite simply, you’ll find yourself able to target far fewer keywords with a limited amount of H1 tags, while having all of your content displayed on one page also makes it more difficult to raise awareness of your brand through social media.

One thing’s for certain, if you’re currently using a one-page site, then you need to take advantage of the best web design in Manchester. The experts at VisionSharp create custom websites that are guaranteed to increase traffic, conversion rates and the strength of your brand.


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