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Why Fast Delivery Is Now Crucial To Your eCommerce Business

Make no mistake, providing excellent delivery options is a fantastic way of ensuring that your eCommerce business stands out from the crowd.

If you don’t believe us, then you just need to look at what the biggest eCommerce retailers on the planet offer. Amazon and Asos have grown their customer bases by offering free next day delivery to customers who subscribe for their respective premium services, while Argos are actually able to offer same day delivery on the majority of their products.

It’s this kind of service that customers dream of. They want their shopping experience to be fast and convenient. Easy. Gone are the days when customers are happy to wait a couple of weeks for their order to arrive, and slow delivery times can prove a hefty stumbling block for many online retailers- particularly when they feel they have minimal control over the couriers.

But, why exactly are fast delivery times so important in 2018?

Customer Expectations

We all know that when a customer clicks onto your website they expect to see a certain standard. They expect to see polished, professional web design and clearly displayed content, as well as speedy loading times and a clear path to conversion. Well, these expectations stretch as far as your delivery options too.

Long delivery times are bound to fall short of these expectations, and will ultimately force customers to click off the site and try one of your competitors instead. However, by offering faster and more convenient delivery than your competitors, you’ll be able to appeal more to the section of customers that just can’t wait to get their hands on your products.

When you offer a positive delivery experience, you significantly increase the chances of the customer telling their friends about it, and ultimately increasing awareness of your eCommerce site.

Reflection of Your Brand

Fast delivery makes your brand look good. Simple.

When you’re able to offer quicker delivery options, it shows that you’re dedicated to offering your customers a premium service and ensuring they have a positive shopping experience. By providing users with a service which beats that of your competitors, you’re adding to your overall brand image and ensuring it’s cast in a positive light.

Slow, awkward delivery options show that you don’t really care about the customer’s experience; all you want to do is take their money and send them on their way. Of course, that isn’t true, but it’s how it could be seen through the eyes of a potential customer.

But, What About Delivery Costs?

Yes, recent studies show that low delivery costs are more important than speed to the average consumer. However, why can’t you have both?

Offering a fast delivery option will allow you to target those customers that need your products in a hurry. For example, you could be a fashion retailer that offers a faster premium delivery to those that need a dress or top for the next day, while still offering a free delivery option for customers that are happy to wait.

Every eCommerce business in the world should know that every customer is different, and your range of delivery options is a key indicator of how you cater to their varying needs. Your customers want either fast, next day delivery or free delivery that doesn’t take an age to arrive. Instead of segmenting your target audience, you should work with the courier to make sure you can offer both.

In order to effectively promote and display your awesome delivery options, you’ll need to find the best Magento development Manchester has to offer, so that the positive user experience can begin as soon as they click onto your website! Contact VisionSharp today to find out why Magento is the leading eCommerce platform and how it could transform your business in 2018.


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