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Why Automatic Home Page Sliders Are Finally Dead

There was a time when every single website in the world seemed to have a home page slider.

They were seen as the latest innovation of web design, allowing businesses to advertise various products and services in one convenient place. Automatic sliders, in particular, were considered to be the future of web design, drawing the attention of the user in a bold, impossible to ignore, style.

But automatic sliders have always suffered from one common problem: they just aren’t very effective. They might be eye-catching and colourful, but the fact of the matter is automatic sliders present all kinds of problems, which is exactly why your website should try to avoid them.

They Aren’t Very Mobile-Friendly

Over half of internet users connect to the web via a mobile device, so it’s not hard to see why your website should prioritise the smaller screen. In fact, we’d say that responsive web design is probably the most important component of a strong digital present.

However, even a responsive site doesn’t change the fact that home page sliders just aren’t very mobile-friendly. Text can appear smaller and harder to read, while it can prove a little fiddly to actually click on the links provided on each slide.

On top of that, mobile users simply don’t have the patience to wait for your carousel to show them the next slide- it’s 2018, and they know how to scroll through things themselves!

The biggest problem, however, is the size of the images in the slider. Larger files will severely increase the load speed of the site, while having to load up such large files could rinse your users’ mobile data. Not a good thing at all.

Too Many Messages

If you try to draw attention to too many things, you inevitably end up drawing attention to absolutely nothing at all.

Some business owners see an automatic carousel as an opportunity to show off their most popular products, services and special offers. While this belief is completely understandable, in reality users don’t want to be bombarded with too much information- particularly when they aren’t in control of how they receive it.

By trying to advertise too many things at once, you’re massively over-complicating things and quickly trying the patience of your users.

Nobody Even Clicks Them

This is the big one, really. What’s the point of implementing a fancy home page slider if none of your users are even clicking on it?

When the slider scrolls automatically, users don’t feel as if they’re in control of their own browsing experience, which inevitably leads them to ignoring the slider altogether and finding another way to find the information they need.

Of course, this means that the content in your slider, for the most part, is completely missed, especially when you’re trying to show off too much content at once. In fact, many users consider automatic sliders to be a nuisance altogether, and that’s without even considering the effects they have on your page speed and mobile-friendliness.

When nobody is clicking on your slider, is this really a price worth paying?

Although automatic sliders have finally been laid to rest, those that work through manual rotation can prove far more profitable. However, you’ll still need the best web design Manchester has to offer if you ever want to make a slider work; when they don’t work, the results can be downright disastrous.


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