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What Does A Great Mobile App Look Like In 2018?

The benefits of a mobile app should be clear to every single business in the world. Whether you’re a thriving eCommerce site, a local restaurant or an international car manufacturer, an effective mobile app finally let’s you connect with your customers 24 hours a day.

Through the use of push notifications and app-exclusive promotions, mobile apps ensure that users continue to engage with your business; which, in turn, is bound to lead to improved conversion rates. However, it’s estimated that only 0.01% of apps in 2018 will prove to be a financial success, with the mobile app industry currently more competitive than ever before.

There are currently well over 2 million apps available to download for Android and iOS devices. So, how can you make sure your app has an edge over the competition?

Short and Simple Forms

The true beauty of a mobile app lies in its simplicity. Users enjoy the optimised mobile experience, choosing to download your app because of the convenience it offers them. You could be the biggest retailer on the planet but, if your app is confusing or cluttered, then people will waste no time at all in uninstalling it.

The key to delivering a simple and effective app experience lies in minimizing the amount of user input. Trying to type on a mobile can be fiddly, even frustrating, at times, so it’s imperative for your app to keep any forms as short as possible. You need to ask the user for as little information as possible, while an autofill feature is always a good idea in app development.

In short, a great mobile app will make it as easy as possible for users to input any required information.

Clear, Digestible Stages

When someone accesses your mobile app, the chances are they’re either relaxing at home or having a browse on their way home from work. Either way, nobody wants to be faced with an elongated, over-complicated path to conversion. But what do you do if there’s no way to shorten the conversion process?

The best way to counter this issue is by splitting your app into clear, digestible stages, which show users exactly how much further they have to go, while also allowing them to concentrate on one step at a time. For example, step one might be to select an item, step two to enter your details, step three to enter payment details, and so on.

The point is you want to avoid the user feeling overwhelmed by what they need to do, and these bite-sized stages help to guide them through the process. Additionally, this will result in smaller pages and, therefore, reduced scrolling; a fantastic way of improving UX.

Augmented Reality (AR)

It’s hard to believe that almost 2 years have passed since Pokémon Go thrust AR under the spotlight. And, during that time, the technology has continued to develop and evolve.

However, it’s still yet to become a staple ingredient of modern app development. The power of this technology is undeniable, particularly for eCommerce businesses, and could prove to be the difference in standing above competitors. By offering users a convenient way to try products before they buy or to even customize them, you’ll be providing an exciting customer experience with a certain level of novelty value.

If you want to become part of the 0.01% of successful apps, then the use of innovative AR technology could be considered essential. While the technology isn’t perfect, this could be just what your business needs to differentiate itself from the competition.

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