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Tips To Improve Ecommerce UX In 2018

An effective marketing strategy will play a pivotal role in the success of any business. This is why so many business owners pump money into SEO and PPC campaigns, social media, influencer marketing, and just about every other digital marketing strategy they can think of. Of course, this certainly shouldn’t be considered a problem.

The problems only arise when businesses become so focused on increasing their traffic, that they forget all about making sure any new visitors actually turn into customers. It’s one thing to get users to visit your site, but the real challenge starts when trying to make sure those visitors convert.

This is why web design is so important in 2018. You can’t just pick a standard template, slap your logo on it and then presume any visitors are bound to convert. Instead, you need to make sure that your ecommerce site is offering a fantastic user experience (UX), since this is the most effective way of turning your business into a success.

Responsive Web Design Is ESSENTIAL

Okay, so it seems like every week we’re banging on about responsive web design, but this is for one very big reason: your business could depend on it.

Creating a website that looks great across multiple devices should no longer be viewed as a luxury, because anything less than responsive design is bound to alienate a huge section of your audience. Since so many users now connect to the internet via their smartphones and tablets, it’s absolutely imperative that your site runs smoothly across all desktop and mobile devices.

If customers are able to browse your site on multiple devices, this will inevitably build trust in your business and help to improve your brand image. Responsive web design is imperative in creating fantastic ecommerce UX.

Build Around Your Content

We’ve heard the phrase ‘content is king’ so many times over the past few years, it’s starting to sound like the oldest cliché in the book. Nevertheless, that doesn’t make it any less true.

No matter what industry you work in, your users are coming to your website because they’re interested in your content. Whether you’re selling popular products, offering useful information or displaying promotional offers, your ecommerce site needs to be built around your content, not the other way around.

Ultimately, this will ensure that your products are displayed in the most effective way possible. With such an effective layout, users are bound to enjoy exploring your site, digesting your content and generally getting to know more about your business. Of course, this all leads to great UX.

Cut Out The Hassle

For truly special ecommerce UX, you need to make things as easy as possible. The last thing users want is to find that your site is stressful to navigate, which is why a simple menu, search function and path to conversion is so important.

At the end of the day, you need to make sure your site is as enjoyable to use as possible. This means that finding certain products needs to be simple, while your checkout system also needs to be convenient and stress-free. Shoppers are obviously looking to spend some money, and your website’s job is to make sure they enjoy spending it with you.

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