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The Most Persuasive Web Design Techniques In 2018

Great web design involves a lot more than just creating something that looks good.

While you might dream of owning a gorgeous website that really “gets” your brand, this doesn’t necessarily provide a recipe for success. Instead, your site should be geared towards attracting new users and then persuading them to perform certain actions, such as clicking onto a page or creating a conversion.

No matter what kind of industry you work in, there’s always going to be a great deal of online competition. So, it stands to reason that your website should do whatever it can to persuade users to shop with you, not somebody else. After all, powerful persuasion has become the cornerstone of fantastic web design.

Bold Typography and Visuals

It stands to reason that your website will hold countless bits of content. Product descriptions. A business summary. Returns and privacy policies. So, you’re obviously going to need to draw attention to the most important text and pieces of information.

Besides the actual layout of your website, the use of bold typography and striking visuals is the best way of achieving this. The use of different fonts will allow you to prioritise important content and grab a user’s attention, while such a striking visual will make your text seem more impactful and (obviously) persuasive.

It all comes down to creating an effective visual hierarchy. By positioning your imagery and text in certain positions, you’re able to show users which parts of your site are more important, which will undoubtedly encourage them to explore certain areas and complete certain actions.

Provide Persuasive Evidence

Your website will undoubtedly be trying to persuade your user of one thing or another, however it’s never going to achieve that if you don’t back up your claims with evidence.

For example, you might be trying to persuade people that recycling is incredibly important. Your content is littered with impactful calls to action and pleas for help, but none of that is ever going to work if you can’t back it up. By including an eye-catching graph or infographic which includes shocking stats on the effects of the recycling problem, then you’re much likelier to get through.

But this works for all kinds of industries. In eCommerce, you can show users your best-selling products, which is showing evidence of your most popular wares. For restaurants, you can provide proof of your hygiene or restaurant rating, while the same is true of pretty much every aspect of hospitality.

When you have proof to back up your message, it suddenly becomes a whole lot more persuasive.

Make Things As Easy As Possible

This is by far the most obvious, and most effective, form of persuasive web design in 2018.

The fact is that the average user doesn’t want to have to think too hard about what you’re offering or how your website works. So, creating a website that provides great UX is a fantastic way of encouraging your users to take particular action. After all, if it’s easy to do, then people are much more inclined to do it.

A simple menu structure, readable content and a clear layout are all imperative aspects of modern design. When users can enjoy easier navigation, quick loading times and great imagery, then the art of persuasion becomes a whole lot easier.

However, you’ll need to find the best web developers in Manchester if you really want to pull this off and boost your conversion rates. Get in touch with VisionSharp on 0161 697 3096 to find out more about our famous services!


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