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The Magento 2 Extensions You Need To Have In 2018

We all know how good Magento can be for eCommerce businesses.

The sheer levels of flexibility and customisation can’t be found on any other platform, while the fantastic simplicity of its interface makes it a pleasure to use. For business owners, Magento provides a way of creating a bespoke, effective website that drives conversions and keeps customers coming back for more.

However, every great Magento site needs to make use of the right extensions. The problem is, there are so many different providers and plug-ins to choose from, you’re bound to feel a little over-awed by all the different options.

Fortunately, VisionSharp are to here to run you through the best Magento 2 extensions in 2018.

Delivery Date Scheduler

The days of vague, even ambiguous, delivery dates are a thing of the past. If you can’t tell your customers exactly when they’re going to receive an item, they’ll waste little time in finding a website that can.

The modern shopper leads a busy life, with a 9 to 5 schedule and running around after the kids making it impossible to sit around waiting for a package. Delivery Date Scheduler allows you to provide customers with clearer, more specific delivery times which are more convenient for them.

Instead of sitting by the front door for hours, customers can now choose a preferred date and time, as you pass the power back over to them and provide a much more satisfying user experience.

Sales Pop

This extension is all about building trust with your customers. There are so many different online retailers out there, customers need reassuring that the one they’ve chosen is a reliable, reputable business. So, how do you offer them that reassurance?

Sales Pop will allow your website to show users whenever a sale has gone through, with a small notification window literally ‘popping’ up at the bottom the screen. But this isn’t just a way of showing which products are popular, as it also creates a busy atmosphere and shows shoppers just how popular you are.

When a user can see your site is popular and that other transactions are going through, they’re going to trust you more. In fact, this tactic can go a long way in persuading them to convert themselves.

Boost Sales

A successful eCommerce website is all about upselling. Your SEO has captured the customer, your web design has made them convert, but how can you try to convince them to buy even more?

Boost Sales is a Magento extension specifically tailored to boosting upsells and increasing the size of your conversions. In essence, it will use a pop-up box to show users if they qualify for any relevant deals or promotions, with the ‘Smart Upsell’ feature updating the prices automatically.

By showing customers other items they might love and offering them a potential deal, you’re raising the chances of achieving a bigger conversion, while also providing a more positive experience for the user.

Although a lot of the Magento 2 extensions are fantastic, you need to be careful you don’t overdo it and install too many of them. This will inevitably result in a cluttered, confused website that alienates customers and leads them to trying one of your competitors.

There’s a fine art to putting together an effective eCommerce site, so you’ll need to find the best Magento agency Manchester has to offer if you want to succeed. Contact VisionSharp to find out more about our awesome services!


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