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How Your eCommerce Business Can Create Word of Mouth Marketing

Business owners all over the world have become obsessed with digital marketing strategies. Whether they’re investing heavily in PPC campaigns, pumping money into paid social ads or trying to make an impact with SEO, eCommerce businesses have lost sight of arguably the most powerful marketing tool at their disposal: word of mouth (WOM).

Modern consumers don’t like to know when they’re being sold to. That’s a cold, hard fact- and exactly why content marketing has become so prominent in recent years. Of course, this is giving marketers a real headache, as they try to find a way to promote their products without being too obvious about it.

While the effects of content marketing shouldn’t be underestimated, every eCommerce business on the planet should be looking to encourage WOM. When consumers are being told about products by a friend, they’re much likelier to investigate further and ultimately convert, which is exactly why effective WOM marketing can prove so effective.

The only question is: how can you encourage people to start talking about your eCommerce business?

Content Is Still Very Much King

You might be sat there thinking: “but I don’t want to worry about word of mouth, I’m already putting all of my resources into content marketing!” Fortunately for you, the two go very much hand-in-hand, and you can’t really have one without the other.

Creating fantastic content is a great way to get people talking about your business. Simple. Whether it’s through an interesting blog, original social media posts or an addictive YouTube channel, the key to WOM marketing lies within content. When your content is engaging and fun, this will cause users to come back to your site and social media pages; and, more importantly, encourage them to tell their family and friends about you.

Once you’ve gotten a keen grasp of your target audience, it’s all about creating shareable content that appeals to that particular demographic. Of course, it’s never as easy as it sounds.

Reward Customers For Referrals

If you don’t mind being a little more obvious in trying to generate WOM, then rewarding existing customers for referrals is always an option. Uber are a prime example of how effective this can be, who have grown their customer base by offering free rides to people who tell their friends to get signed up.

As an eCommerce business, you can think about offering discounts to customers that refer a friend, or even offer them free delivery and exclusive products. Whatever it is; offering a great incentive is a powerful way to get people talking about your eCommerce business.

Deliver Fantastic UX and Customer Service

The biggest eCommerce businesses on the planet owe their success to fantastic UX and customer service. For example, Amazon makes it easy for users to find exactly what they’re looking for, whilst Asos offers free returns and excellent delivery options. If you’re able to offer customers an above average experience, then they’re guaranteed to tell their friends about you.

How do you create great UX? Well, that’s where Magento web development becomes so important, because you’ll need to implement user-friendly web design. When you’ve got such effective eCommerce web design in place, it’s then just a matter of offering something that no other business can- and then your customers will be hooked.

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