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How Technology Could Change the Future of Ecommerce

The world of ecommerce just will not stop growing. Millions of people across the globe are choosing to do the majority of their shopping online, logging into innovative apps and responsive websites to do their buying without actually having to set foot inside a shop. After all, there are no queues, no crying babies and no rude shop assistants when browsing the internet.

It’s this level of convenience that will allow the ecommerce sector to just keep on expanding. Businesses are now able to offer their customers a bespoke, comfortable shopping experience that’s just a couple of clicks away; they’re then able to track these shopping habits to show them promotions and new products they might be interested in. This type of 24/7 connection between consumers and brands has simply never existed before.

But with constant technological advancements, there’s always room for improvement. We’re taking a look at how changes in technology could help to shape the future of ecommerce, and some of these changes could come about much sooner than you might think…

Voice Control

We’ve blogged a fair bit about the advent of voice control in recent weeks- quite simply, this is because it holds all kinds of possibilities for ecommerce.

As things like the Amazon Echo and Google Home continue to fly off the shelves, customers all over the world are growing accustomed to the habit of shopping via this avenue. Ecommerce has always thrived on bringing customers the most convenient shopping experience possible, and voice control could make shopping easier than ever. You don’t even have to click anything: all you have to do is speak.

Delivery Drones

For many ecommerce businesses, the best way to stand out in a crowded marketplace is by offering an unrivalled delivery service. Of course, when actually shopping on the high street, you can take away your purchase there and then; with ecommerce, customers can be put off by long delivery times or extortionate charges.

Businesses that are able to offer same or next day delivery are thriving at the moment, with this kind of excellent service tying in nicely with various subscription services. Amazon are a prime example of this, as they use their fantastic delivery service to earn the loyalty and trust of their customers.

So, businesses are obviously looking for the next big thing. Automated delivery drones have been spoken about for a couple of years now, but the time is fast approaching when many ecommerce businesses will implement this as a viable delivery method.

Augmented Reality

Remember the Pokémon Go craze from a couple of years ago? That was the first time augmented reality (AR) was really thrust under the spotlight- and the world went wild. Players were able to catch their favourite Pokémon out in the real world, and it’s inevitably sparked a string of similar games trying to follow suit.

However, little attention has been paid to the implications this could have on the ecommerce world. The evolution of AR has led many experts to believe that the use of this technology could have a huge impact on the way people shop, as they’ll be able to visualise a purchase before deciding whether or not to make it.

For example, you could be really interested in how a certain eye-liner would look on you, but you’re doing your shopping online. AR would let you see what it looks like first, letting you try out different products before you find one you’re really happy with. In essence, this would go a long way towards bridging the gap between online and offline shopping.

Artificial Intelligence

Let’s face it, ecommerce is on a terrifyingly exciting path towards personalisation and optimum connection with customers. Right now, we’re shown other items we might be interested in based on our search and purchase history, but we expect this process to advance rapidly.

As repeated advancements are made in the field of AI, it’s only a matter of time until such technology is implemented in ecommerce design. Whether it’s in the form of a chatbot, advanced algorithms or just more sophisticated data analysis, AI has the potential to revolutionise the way businesses connect with customers, and vice versa.

At VisionSharp, we’re incredibly excited to see what the future holds and we’re always embracing new technology. As the best Magento developers Manchester has to offer, we’re the masters of creating innovative, attractive ecommerce sites that keep you one step ahead of the competition.


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