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How ‘Fortnite Mobile’ Could Revolutionise App Development

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past six months, you’ve probably noticed that Fortnite: Battle Royale is absolutely huge right now. Children, adults, celebrities, Premier League footballers: they’ve all got a serious case of the ‘Fornite bug’, in perhaps the biggest video game phenomenon of all time.

Well, Epic Games recently brought their record-breaking game to mobile platforms, introducing an app that provides a carbon-copy of the game on console. Of course, there are echoes here of the buzz that surrounded Pokemon Go a couple of years ago, but things area little different here. Whereas Pokemon Go took advantage of AR technology and remains the only game of its type, Fortnite signals serious advancements in app development.

After the Fortnite app, it’s fair to say that mobile gaming is never going to be the same again; while it could also usher in a new era of mobile apps for all other industries, too.


For well over a decade, mobile games have been seen as completely inferior to their console and PC counter-parts, and rightly so. Basic graphics, gameplay and user interfaces have always held back what could potentially be a massive industry. But Fortnite Mobile looks set to change all that.

The graphics on the new app are, quite simply, breath-taking for a mobile game. Never before has a console game been rendered so perfectly on a mobile screen and, although it might not be quite as perfect as PS4 or Xbox visuals, this opens all kinds of opportunities for businesses.

Since Fortnite has shown the world that it’s possible to create such stunning visuals, it’s only natural for app developers to feel desperate to emulate them in their work. Whether you’re the owner of a small business or even a rival gaming company, Epic have set the bar incredibly high for your future apps.

Cross-Platform Functionality

For the first time ever, mobile gamers are able to play along with PC and console players, and the implications of this could be absolutely massive. Fortnite Mobile allows users to play along with their console friends while using the app; offering gamers the facility to carry over their console account and carry on their progress on mobile.

This kind of cross-platform functionality has simply never been done before- at least, not on the same scale. The fact that this game is able to keep up with the servers and visuals of a console is truly remarkable, and perfectly demonstrates how mobile apps are now able to communicate with other devices.

Over the next few months, we’re fully expecting to see a plethora of mobile apps that work seamlessly across multiple devices in much the same way.

User Experience

As app developers, the main thing to take away from Fortnite Mobile is the fantastic User Experience (UX) it provides. Okay, so the controls can be a little fiddly when you find yourself in a tense gunfight, but on the whole it’s an incredibly enjoyable game to play. The gameplay manages to balance the combat, building and looting in a way that doesn’t feel too complicated; while the ability to see where footsteps and gun shots are coming from makes it a fantastic app to use on the go.

The menus are a mirror image of those on console and PC, allowing users to easily navigate to the relevant page or to enter a match. Considering some of the gameplay elements are quite complex, the fact that Epic’s creation is so user-friendly on mobile is remarkable. But, somehow, it all works.

UX is at the heart of web design and app development in 2018, and we expect to see major advancements in this department following the game’s release. Fortnite Mobile is living, breathing proof that fantastic UX is always possible, no matter how complex your app concept may seem on the surface.

But if you want to create something truly innovative, then you’ll need to find the best app development in Manchester. Contact VisionSharp if you’d like to learn more about the awesome apps we create, and we’d be delighted to have a chat over a brew!


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