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Big Problems Caused By Poor Web Design

In a world in which more and more consumers are choosing to find relevant products and services via the internet, it’s obviously absolutely imperative that business owners are doing whatever it takes to get their website looking good. Whether this is through a slight rebrand, the addition of more video or by contacting the experts here at VisionSharp- a responsive and enjoyable website is crucial to your online success.

By contacting our dedicated team and giving your site a bit of a facelift (or completely replacing it), you’ll be ensuring an improvement in bounce rates, conversion rates and all-round visitor traffic. But happens if you ultimately decide not to bother changing your site, and to make the best of the poor website you currently have?

Poor web design will cause you and your business all kinds of problems, and we thought we’d quickly run you through some of the big ones:

  • High Bounce Rate

If you’re keen to improve the online success of your business, then you’ll obviously need to make sure that people want to stick around on your site. But a poorly designed website can prove difficult to navigate or look downright unprofessional, meaning that users will be much likelier to just become yet another figure on your bounce rate. With so many competitor websites out there, you need to ensure your website is designed effectively, so as to hook a visitor in and get them wanting to explore a little further.

  • Low Conversion Rate

With a confusing menu system, hard-to-find pages or just an all-round complicated design, your website is guaranteed to struggle in the conversion rate department. Think about it, if a visitor can’t find exactly what they’re looking for- and quickly- then it won’t be long until they exit your site and try someone else’s. Web users are now famously impatient, and so you need to make your products and services easy to find and purchase.

  • Brand Image

You could be a prestigious hotel based in the centre of a bustling city, famous for your excellent service and the high quality of the rooms you offer. People will hear about you and immediately check out your website. It doesn’t matter what your reputation is like or how luxurious your services are- a poor website will reflect incredibly badly on your brand. If a user has heard about you through a friend, or just happened to stumble across your site, then poor design will fail to showcase just how good your business is.

Here at VisionSharp, we are offer the best web design in Manchester, so get in touch with us today if you’re keen to avoid any of these big problems!


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