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Are you A/B split testing? Here's why you should be.

A/B testing is a key factor to the success of conversion rate optimisation as it provides intelligent results based on data. With the use of Google analytics and other analytics tools, in depth monitoring is possible to ensure informed decisions are made rather than changes based on a personal preference.

As both variations can be tested, it is clear to see which has been a success in relation to website performance and conversion rates.

What is A/B testing?

A/B testing is a process where two different designs or features on a website are compared to understand which returns to best results in relation to website performance. An example of an A/B test could be two different product page designs such as changing the positioning of the “add to cart” button on design A and design B and driving 50% of traffic to each design.

Different data can be analysed in relation to the mentioned tests but to keep things simple conversion rate would be monitored to understand which variation is the most successful.

What are the benefits of split testing?

Split testing or A/B testing plays a huge role in understanding website changes and most importantly, improving website conversion rates and E-commerce sales.

Reduce Bounce and Exit Rates.

Ensuring users are engaging with your website is pivotal to the success of the website. Bounce rates and exit rates are a good indicator of the engagement of users on the website. With the use of A/B testing, tweaks to pages with high bounce and exit rates can be tested to lower the bounce rates. The tweaks can be changes in fonts, placement of images, sizes of images, layouts on page and much more. The direct comparison between both designs will provide key data to understanding which tweaks improve the bounce and exit rates, thus improving the website performance.

Increased Conversion Rates

The ultimate goal for any type of E-commerce website is to convert users into customers. The smallest of changes can affect conversion rates and it can be critical to A/B test any changes on your website. One example could be testing two variations of a checkout page and analysing which has a high conversion rates. Without A/B testing is wouldn’t be possible to easily analyse the performance of the two variations and to understand if changes are having a negative / positive effect in comparison to previous designs. When A/B testing is performed correctly, conversion rates which increased, thus increasing sales.

Reduced Risks

Making design and development changes to an E-commerce website can result in great losses due to decreasing the conversion rate of the website. A/B testing allows you to understand the visitor and customer behaviour before fully pushing the changes live. If the changes do have an adverse effect on the website performance, split testing this over a week or two ensures the changes don’t have a long-lasting effect on the website. In short, split testing helps you avoid unnecessary risks by allowing you to target your resources for maximum effect and efficiency, which helps increase ROI. Increased Sales

The greatest benefit of split testing is the ability to increase sales. Reducing bounce rates, improving website UX and UI and much more results in increasing conversion rates which in turn results in an increase of website sales.

Next steps.

Let us help increase your website performance and E-commerce transactions through the use of data analysis and split testing.

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