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5 Things Every Small Business Needs On Their Website

It’s truly frightening how many terrible websites there are on the internet. From awful web design to terrible SEO to absolutely appalling domain names, there are so many businesses out there that just keep on making the same mistakes. Of course, these are mistakes that are no longer acceptable.

A strong online presence should no longer be considered optional. Due to evolving customer trends, the lack of a website will ultimately shut you off from the majority of your audience, which is always going to have a negative impact on your revenue and conversion rates.

But just simply throwing together a cheap website could potentially be even more damaging, since this will reflect poorly on your brand and business. Instead, you need to make sure your site is up to the standard modern users expect- and that means you’ve got to start by getting the basics right.

1. A Great Domain Name

Before you do anything else, you need to come up with a sensible, memorable domain name. This will usually be the name of your business, which is exactly why it’s so important for you to get your branding right from the get-go.

2. Your Contact Information

As a small business, you need to develop a certain level of trust with your users- after all, they’ve only just stumbled across your website, how can they be sure you aren’t out to scam them?

Aside from obtaining a HTTPS Certificate, the best way to develop this trust is by making sure your business is easy to contact. Every small business should display their phone number, email address and map of their location, so that customers know they can get in touch if anything goes wrong with their purchase.

3. Quick Loading Times

Following Google’s algorithm changes, this is a big one. Not only will slow loading times affect your SEO, such an issue will also deter potential users and make your business seem unprofessional. Fast loading times are needed across all devices, so that users are more inclined to explore your website further.

4. An ‘About Us’ Page

An ‘About Us’ page is essential for every small business, because this is your chance to finally tell users all about what you actually do. The content on your site is your way of communicating with customers, and you need to clearly tell them what your business is all about. This should be a quick summarising of your products and services, but it also needs to persuade them to find out even more.

5. Responsive Web Design

Finally, no small business can hope to have much of an impact without responsive web design. The majority of your customers will now connect to your website via a mobile device, and they’ll simply click away again if it doesn’t work well on the smaller screen. For small businesses, finding the best responsive web design in Manchester is absolutely imperative towards achieving success.


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