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3 Web Typography Trends You Need To Know About

Although it might be currently a little low on your priority list, your choice of font could actually make or break your website.

It’s no longer just a case of choosing something “that looks nice”, because modern users expect to see a lot more than that. With the right typography in place, you can use text to reinforce your brand image, set the tone of your website and ultimately encourage users to read your content. Of course, it will also make your website look good.

So, with literally thousands of different fonts and typefaces to choose from, how on earth do you go about finding the best one for your site? Well, reading up on modern typography trends is a pretty good place to start.

Bold Is Usually Better

The purpose of any font is to make things stand out. Whether this be your company name, slogan or even your ‘About Us’ page, your content needs to be eye-catching and easy to read. So, it’s not really hard to see why you should consider using bolder fonts.

Large, in-your-face typography will always gain the attention of the user, while such a bold aesthetic will help your site seem contemporary and fresh. When implemented alongside a minimalist design or a simple background, this kind of daring typography will ensure users are more inclined to hear what you have to say. For your business, this is clearly a good thing.

These fonts are crucial in creating headlines and placing emphasis on certain sections of your website, while also making the text more readable and user-friendly. For those who are wondering, simple serif fonts are currently the most popular for creating this kind of effect.

Highlight Important Content

A lot of web designers are actually going one step further in 2018, however. Instead of simply opting for bolder fonts and larger lettering, the use of the ‘highlighter’ technique has become absolutely massive over the past few months.

This involves drawing attention to certain text through the use of colour. More specifically, it refers to the use of a highlighter-style layout which will either underline or surround the most important bits of content. For example, text could be contained within a coloured textbox to make it stand out from the rest of the website and ensure it isn’t missed.

Since you don’t want to go highlighter crazy here, we recommend only using this technique on your most important text. After all, if you try to highlight everything, you’ll ultimately end up highlighting nothing at all.

It’s All About The Layers

In 2018, it seems as though great fonts are just like ogres: they have layers.

However, irrelevant Shrek references aside, layering your text only really works when it’s done right, since getting it wrong can leave you with some pretty disastrous results. Businesses are using layered effects on their fonts to make the text almost pop out of the screen, while also bringing a touch of originality to the typography as a whole.

The layering effect is achieved by using a font without any colour fill, and instead allowing the background to show through the letters. Ultimately, this creates a fun, entertaining appearance that can really say a lot about your business, while these kinds of overlays can also work effectively with video.

Creating the right typography is one of the many things we specialise in at VisionSharp, which is why we continue to provide the best web design Manchester has to offer. Contact us today to learn more about the power of your fonts, and how our design services could transform your business in 2018.


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