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3 Things Your Online Business Can Learn From South Park

“Hello there, children.”

On the surface, South Park looks like a controversial, violent (not to mention hilarious) cartoon show that uses toilet humour for cheap laughs. If you look a little deeper, however, you’ll see there’s a lot more than first meets the eye.

Among all of the gags and over-the-top plot lines, South Park has always had a more serious undertone. Constantly commenting on, or openly mocking, current affairs all over the world, Matt Stone and Trey Parker have even taught us an awful lot about marketing.

And we aren’t just talking about the endless bouts of promotional material or merchandise. Nope, we’re actually talking about the show itself. In fact, your business can learn a lot from one of the most popular cartoons ever created. Mmkay?

1. Black Friday Is Just Brutal

In its typical South Park way, the episode “Black Friday” draws attention to just how brutal this particular shopping experience can be.

As the characters decide which games console they want to buy in the sale, the Black Friday story is combined with Game of Thrones-inspired themes. Yes, it’s just as ridiculous as it sounds, but the hyperbolic storyline should teach your business one very important thing: Black Friday is a huge opportunity.

You might not witness Game of Thrones style violence once you open your doors, but people go absolutely crazy for Black Friday in the UK, and this is something your business needs to take advantage of. Just make sure you’re ready for the extra traffic.

2. You Shouldn’t Fear New Mediums

South Park has always been a shining example of what can happen when you try out new digital platforms. Not only does it embrace things likes video games and apps, South Park actually breaks the industry norm and creates something wholly unique.

The video games are always released to rave reviews, while the ‘Phone Destroyer’ mobile app is still immensely popular with fans today. Do you know why? It’s because, no matter what the platform, South Park always remains South Park. Much like a brand maintaining its image, South Park always stays true to its audience and keeps its distinctive sense of humour.

The rewards, of course, have been spectacular. For businesses, the benefits of reaching out to new mediums has never been clearer. You just need to stay true to your brand.

3. It’s Important To Embrace Current Trends

What makes South Park so good is its ability to use trending topics in a unique, almost unimaginable way. From Donald Trump’s election to the rise of voice-activated technology, South Park always has something to say on big news- and it certainly doesn’t pull any punches.

This may well add to the comedy value of the hit-show, but the real beauty of this tactic is how shareable it makes the content. Anything to do with Donald Trump, for example, instantly goes viral and clogs our social media feeds, since South Park is always successful in not only jumping on the bandwagon, but also keeping things fresh and creative.

For businesses, the lesson is clear. Keeping up with trending topics is an excellent way of raising brand awareness and getting people to talk about your brand. We aren’t suggesting you’re as brutal or controversial as South Park, but the advantages of riding a viral wave should be clear to everyone.

South Park can teach us an awful lot about business and marketing (we didn’t even have chance to mention the “start-up” episode), but you need the best web design in Manchester if you’re ever going to benefit from these lessons.

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