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3 Reasons Customers Will Love Your New Magento 2 Site

When it comes to designing a brand-new eCommerce website, there’s only one opinion that really matters: that of your customers.

Your new site could implement cutting-edge technology and gorgeous colour schemes, while also boasting a strong product range and USP. However, all of this is rendered pretty much useless if your target audience just doesn’t enjoy using it.

Fortunately, the Magento platform has always prioritised the user experience, while the introduction of Magento 2 has enhanced this experience and taken online shopping to the next level. In short, you need to make the switch over to Magento 2 as soon as possible, because your customers are going to absolutely love it.

Enhanced Performance and Usability

First of all, let’s talk about page speed. The last thing customers want to put up with is lengthy loading times, and there’s nothing more frustrating than staring at that damn buffering wheel for ages. Of course, such an experience will cause customers to give up and try elsewhere instead.

Magento 2 can increase loading speeds by up to 50%, while the new platform is also capable of processing significantly more orders and page views. Basically, Magento 2 allows your eCommerce site to become bigger and better, while simultaneously providing a much better user experience.

The enhanced loading speeds come alongside an improved search function, allowing customers to find what they’re looking for quickly and with minimal fuss. Ultimately, such a smooth, seamless browsing experience will always go down well with customers.

Improved Checkout Process

One of the best things about Magento 2 is the improved checkout process. For customers, this makes it easier to complete a transaction; for businesses, this is a fantastic method of improving your conversion rates.

Compared to Magento 1, the checkout process is now much simpler and more streamlined, making the entire procedure as easy and pain-free as possible. Now allowing customers to register an account after making a purchase, Magento 2 eradicates many of the confusing checkout options that can lead many customers to abandoning their purchase.

It Looks Great On Mobile

We all know that the majority of online transactions are now completed via a mobile device. So, it should be fairly obvious why you can’t afford to neglect this part of your audience.

Magento 2 sites look absolutely fantastic on mobile. In fact, we’d go as far as to say they look better than those built on any other platform. The improved loading speeds are obviously a big bonus for any mobile shoppers, but it’s the new search function that really makes Magento 2 so effective on the smaller screen.

Instead of fiddling around in complicated menu systems and sub-category pages, Magento 2 makes it easier than ever for mobile users to find exactly what they’re after. When you make things simple, you’re increasing the chances of a customer continuing all the way to make a conversion.

Magento 2 presents your business with all kinds of fantastic benefits and opportunities. If you want to truly reap the rewards of this platform, however, you’ll need to find the best Magento agency Manchester has to offer.

Contact VisionSharp today to discover why we’re considered the best in town, and how a Magento 2 site could transform your eCommerce business.


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