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The 3 Biggest E-commerce Myths Busted

It’s undeniable that the world of E-commerce is expanding by the day. More and more shoppers are now choosing the online route to make their purchases, and retailers need to make sure that their website looks just as professional as their high street store- if not more so. Online retail is an incredibly competitive market place, and you will undoubtedly find yourself surrounded by a countless number of competitors.

This means that your website needs to stand out, and the most effective way to achieve this and to generate those conversions is through responsive web design. The design of your website can certainly help your E-commerce business become a success, but a deep understanding of online shopping is also essential. We’re going to run through the 3 biggest myths of E-commerce, to ensure that you know the basics:

  • You Just Need To Set Up A Site
  • Low Prices Mean Conversions
  • Customer Service Is Not Important

A huge myth surrounding E-commerce is that retailers simply need to set up a website for themselves, and then customers will be queuing up to get onto their site. Unfortunately, this is nowhere close to being true. There are so many competitors on the internet that you need to make sure that your site is the one that’s being clicked on. This can be done through marketing your brand and promoting your business through social media- basically, any method that will have a positive impact on your business and will ensure people find you. When you’ve managed to point customers onto your website, effective web design will then be key in retaining any visitors and optimising your conversion rates.

Online business struggle under the common misconception that customers base all of their purchasing decisions on which website is advertising a product for the lower price. Of course, lower pricing will certainly have some sort of impact on your customers and will peak their interest, but it is by no means enough by itself. Whilst most shoppers now choose to shop online, they do so with a sense of wariness. The internet is ripe with scams and fraud, and so customers will only spend money on websites that they can trust. This means that you must have a professional brand image, clearly displayed customer reviews, and to ensure that you assure customers that you are a legitimate, reliable business. Basically, your website has to be looking good for visitors to trust it enough to enter their card details. If it looks unprofessional, this will deter a lot of potential business away.

This misconception can prove to be fatally damaging for any online business. With high street retailers, the need for an excellent standard of customer service is incredibly obvious- you have customers there, face to face, demanding a refund or an explanation, and there is no way of avoiding it. Some E-commerce businesses believe that, when it comes to online customer services, these issues can be avoided. They are under the common misconception that E-commerce businesses don’t need an excellent customer service department because they are “just a website.” Well, customer service is even more important for an E-commerce business than those on the high street. You need to deal with customer queries and complaints quickly and efficiently, as word of any bad experiences someone has had with your business can spread like wildfire on the internet.

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