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3 Big TED Talks Every Web Designer Should See

The life of a web designer is all about finding inspiration. From crafting the look of the home page to designing the functionality of the menu’s, every small aspect of a website requires a certain creative spark.

So, there’s nothing worse than coming down with a serious case of “designer’s block”, because a serious lack of inspiration (or even motivation) will ultimately create a website that just doesn’t reach its full potential.

It’s this kind of creativity that we thrive on at VisionSharp, but we’ve gone and found some awesome web design TED Talks for you, which are bound to give you that bit of inspiration you’ve been searching for.

The First Secret of Great Design- Tony Fadell

For those of you that aren’t familiar with his work, Tony Fadell has become something of a modern-day genius. Masterminding innovate pieces of technology, such as the Nest thermostat and the iPod, it’s not hard to see why maybe you should take a few minutes to see what he has to say.

This TED Talk is a fun, laid-back presentation as he teaches us all the importance of noticing. He makes the art of design seem so simple, it’s almost impossible to come away without feeling inspired and ready to create something really special.

Simplicity Sells- David Pogue

This TED Talk may centre around the importance of simplicity throughout web design, but the talk itself is anything but simple. It’s one thing for writer David Pogue to so expertly pinpoint his examples of good and bad user interfaces, but to do so through the use of song and dance is simply remarkable.

We aren’t going to give too much away here, but anyone hoping to pursue a career in web design needs to put aside 20 minutes to give this a watch.

3 Ways Good Design Makes You Happy- Don Norman

It’s simply not possible to talk about web design or user experience without mentioning Don Norman, the author of The Design of Everyday Things. Norman is the master when it comes to explaining just how great design can impact human emotions, and this TED Talk shows us just how important happiness is in creating a great design. A must-watch for any web designer.

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