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The 2018 Web Design Trends That Will Boost Your Marketing Strategy

We all know that effective web design is no longer a case of creating something pretty and attaching your brand logo to it, because users have learnt to expect much more than that. Of course, your new site should certainly be easy on the eye, but your primary concern in 2018 needs to be on creating a positive user experience- and making sure the site looks good is just a small part of that.

Your website needs to drive conversions, increase engagement and seamlessly work alongside your marketing campaign. With the growing influence of social media and the ever-present need for SEO, your website needs to play a central role in driving sales and leads- regardless of what kind of industry you’re in.

We’re taking a look at what to expect from web design in 2018 and, more importantly, how you can use these changes to boost your marketing efforts.

Mobile Is Your Best Friend

An effective website is all about creating a seamless experience for the user, making it easier than ever for them to engage with your brand, find what interests them and connect with you on social media.

We all know that the increasing use of mobile is revolutionising the way that we connect with customers, and you need to capitalize on the unbelievable potential this offers you. With a mobile-optimised site, your users will enjoy using it on-the-go, making it easier than ever for you to drive conversions and offer an enjoyable UX.

Particularly for e-commerce sites, the importance of appealing to a mobile audience just cannot be overstated.

Users Love Video

Content is king, right? Of course it is. But there’s much more to it than just coming up with a load of text designed to boost certain SEO keywords, or just throwing up a load of generic text to advertise your services. Just ask yourself- as a user, how often do you sit and read huge blocks of text on a site?

It’s no secret that Google’s algorithm is starting to favour sites that offer an enjoyable UX, and so huge blocks of text could actually prove detrimental to your brand and business. The problem is, you need to get the information across somehow.

The answer lies in video. On your website, on your social media, maybe even within your email marketing strategy- the use of video could revolutionise your business. This provide you with the chance to create engaging content that users will actually enjoy, rather than just throwing together a load of text in the hope that someone will read it.

Easy Path to Conversion

We know we keep banging on about this ‘seamless’ user experience, but we really can’t stress its importance enough.

But even if you’ve paid a fortune for a new site, put together a fantastic social media campaign and found your site ranking on page one- all of your efforts are rendered useless if the path to conversion is overcomplicated.

With the growing popularity of services like Apple pay, Amazon Pay and PayPal, you need to make sure that your site offers everything your target audience will need. Your path to the checkout page needs to be clear and simple, while the checkout page itself should be as quick as possible to complete. In 2018, speed is everything in web design.

If you’re thinking of starting 2018 with a brand-new web site, then contact the experts at VisionSharp today! We provide the best web design Manchester has to offer, so get in touch today so that we can discuss your requirements.


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